Alternatives to Black and White

Yes, I know black and white are considered the King and Queen of minimalist colors. But no, I don't agree that minimalist design should be limited to this palette.

Take note of these beautiful colors that offer a refreshingly diverse break from the monochromatic scheme. It's time for black and white to share the spotlight. 



If there is one color group that we believe rightfully deserves to bump black and white from their pedestal, it's the blue family. The calm versatility and muted reliability of denim blue, in particular, has given it a cult-like status in various design expressions from fashion to decor.


If you know anything about color psychology then you know that green is most associated with a sense renewal and restoration. As a result there's an unparalleled freshness that it brings to design that complements the purity and clarity of minimalism.


Gray has the unfair disadvantage of always being the third runner up or merely seen as a result of a blend of black and white. However it deserves to be elevated and appreciated for its unique contribution to minimalist design. It has a more subtle, less stark (not as blatantly minimalistic) feel while still being clean and crisp.


Though most associated with paper and packaging, kraft brown is a staple color that looks good on a variety of materials — especially leather and wood. It brings an organic touch to any design and injects energy while still being a neutral that works well with other colors.


In short, you can have a minimalist aesthetic without limiting yourself to a monotone color palette.