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Read the Abundant Business Blueprint™ lightweight guides for thinkers, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to design a purpose-driven life and business.

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The Creative Blueprint

How to Turn Your Creativity Into a Thriving Business and Work on Purpose

There are three intimately interconnected elements — fulfillment, freedom and fortune — that contribute to your ability to thrive as a creative or entrepreneur. When these elements are in balance you feel confident and have an intuitive ability to make the best decisions. As a creator or innovator, this is critical to your personal sense of well-being as well as the health of your business or creative pursuits. Learn how to manage these three elements with The Creative Blueprint.


The Business Blueprint

9 Steps to Fulfillment, Freedom and Fortune by Doing Work You Love (A purpose-driven business plan)

Is it possible to build a fulfilling business that is financially stable and gives you the freedom to live on your own terms? This is the number one question that this business book addresses for any creative or entrepreneur who has a specific vision for their life and wants to learn how they can build a thriving conscious business to support it. With over a decade of experience, I share the exact method I created to design my own dream business and now use to help hundreds of clients live and work with intention.


The Branding Blueprint

A Simple Guide to Branding Yourself or Your Small Business

You can design a brand from scratch, without spending a fortune, if you understand the basics. This short and simple guide to branding is especially for creatives and  entrepreneurs who are rich in ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm, but limited in resources. By being smart and efficient, you'll end up with a brand strategy and brand identity that resonates with your intended audience and distinguishes you from your peers. This framework has been carefully crafted and refined from my experience developing dozens of branding and marketing campaigns for professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and several multi-billion dollar Fortune 500s.


Lightweight guides for independent spirits

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ Book Series

Design your life and build a thriving business to support it with this series that inspires and empowers you to influence the world with your talent and ideas. Get ready to grow personally, creatively and professionally.

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Bonus Resources 

The Companion Guides

Each book in the series comes with a complimentary companion guide that helps you get the most out of the content. Once you order your book you’ll be provided with instructions on how to instantly claim these bonuses.


About the Author

Coach & Creative Entrepreneur

Hi! I'm Aja, a personal growth and business coach who draws from over a decade of experience as a business strategist and marketing executive for dozens of iconic and Fortune 500 firms as well as high growth startups and emerging brands. These include Disney, Ralph Lauren, Procter & Gamble, eBay, Burberry, Gilt and many more.

I'm also a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of ventures including a personal growth platform that reaches over 100,000 individuals. Some of my ventures have failed while others succeeded but in just a few years I've generated three-quarters of a million dollars in revenue, sales, grants and funding. This has given me a firsthand perspective on what works (and doesn't) in running a small business so I coach not from theory but personal experience.

Prior to becoming a coach and entrepreneur, I began my career in investment banking and investment management then started working as a business executive at some of the largest companies in the world. This experience has allowed me to run billion dollar brands and portfolios and be directly responsible for driving over $50 million in new revenue.

As a result, I have strong creative, branding, and marketing savviness and know how to scale businesses fast. The strategies, processes, and tactics I'll impart to you in these books are proven — as they are repurposed from the methods I created and applied while working for and advising some of the largest and most iconic brands in the world.

It is my purpose and my pleasure to support fellow creative entrepreneurs and independent spirits who want freedom, fulfillment and financial success with this book series.

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