What it is 

My readymade brands are an exciting, fast and cost-effective way to get started as an entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur and creative spirit I frequently spot untapped opportunities and generate ideas that I don't always have the capacity to bring to fruition. However, it's painful to put these ideas on the back-shelf collecting dust when I know they have so much potential. 

To keep these ideas alive, I've built out the entire business concept (and in many cases proved their ability to generate substantial revenue) and have made them available for sale as readymade brands. Each business includes the domain, website, content, products, subscriber list, customer list and all future rights. Scroll down to explore the businesses that are currently available for sale. 

How it works

Please review the websites below and, if interested, send an inquiry to set up an informational call with me. The 30-minute call will allow you to gather detail about the brand you are interested in purchasing.

After the call, you may submit your offer. If accepted I'll send an invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will schedule a live due-diligence session using a Skype shared screen allowing you to ask questions and verify available business metrics including traffic, email subscribers, operating expenses and relevant financials (if applicable). 

If you are ok moving forward we will sign a formal sales contract and start the process of turning over the business to you. You will be given step-by-step instructions and a document with all the pertinent details of the business. 

Refund policy

I am completely transparent about what you are buying and each business has been provided with an estimated market value (see below). You can set your offer above or below this figure. Before making an offer I do advise that you conduct your own research and evaluation of the potential. Once the business is turned over to you the purchase is non-refundable.

Note that your purchase includes a complimentary coaching session ($250) with me that we'll schedule after turnover and use to discuss a road map for successfully running the business going forward.  If you want to continue being coached on how to grow the business I'll offer you a 25% discount off my rate. 

become a life coach 1.jpg

Minimalism & Co.

Estimated Market Value: $17,500 

Minimalism & Co. is a personal growth platform dedicated to helping readers eliminate complexities, live with intention, and focus on what matters most. The brand's mission is to help readers improve their life and work with principles of minimalism. 

The brand has dozens of articles on minimalist living, capsule wardrobe, and self-care that drive substantial traffic to the website. It is monetized via three online courses — the Minimalism Challenge, Capsule Wardrobe, and the Self-Care Challenge. It has also generated income via brand sponsorships and one-on-one simple living coaching. 

The brand plays in the thriving simple living market and is an excellent business investment for the minimalist enthusiast.


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The Floralogist

Estimated Market Value: $3,500

The Floralogist is an indoor plant blog comprised of resources and ideas that support plant enthusiasts on their journey from brown thumb to green thumb. The content is geared mostly towards beginners with a focus on house plants, balcony plants, indoor herb gardens, and occasionally flowers.  The blog provides easy-to-understand tips on plant care as well as plant decor inspiration and curated plant resources from the best sources around the web.

The blog can be monetized via affiliate revenue and an exclusive resource library — which have already been set up. Additional ideas for monetization include brand sponsorships and an online course. This is a beautiful lifestyle brand and blog that plays in the rapidly growing indoor plant market. If you love plants this could be a fulfilling business for you.

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become a life coach 8.jpg

Better Coach

Estimated Market Value: $5,500

Better Coach is a platform for current or aspiring coaches who want to become a coach, start a coaching business, or get more clients and make more money coaching. The platform provides a wealth of straightforward advice on what it takes to be a successful coach along with tools, resources and programs that support coaches in their practice. 

This brand has so much potential and is an excellent investment for an existing coach who wants to coach other coaches but doesn't already have an established brand or online presence. It is currently being monetized by converting readers into paid coaching clients. Other ideas for monetization include a membership resource library or online course. 

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