I'll guide you through my 10-step approach to building your very own Capsule Wardrobe  

lesson 1: intro 

An overview of the Capsule Wardrobe method and why it is one of the most effective tools for simplifying your style and streamlining your closet.  It includes a getting started guide to prep you for success in the course. 

lesson 2: lifestyle 

An assessment of how you perceive yourself and how you live your life so your Capsule Wardrobe is the best reflection of who you really are. A supplemental lifestyle workbook will make this assessment easy.  

lesson 3: style 

Using my style profile and inspiration template, I'll help you cultivate a look that is quintessentially you via a process that uncovers your personal aesthetic and signature style. 

lesson 4: evaluation 

After you understand your personal style you'll make changes to your closet by keeping what works and eliminating what doesn't. You'll be guided by my 3-step evaluation process and worksheet. 


You'll create a list of outfits and the essential items you want in your closet and refer to it later in the course as you prepare for shopping. Plus you'll get my wardrobe essentials checklist. 


Before you even think about shopping, however, we'll walk through an exercise to make sure you stay within your financial means, including the simple wardrobe budgeting tool. 


In this lesson you'll go through the process of building your go-to brand list so you can streamline the process of purchasing essential items. You'll also get my directly of minimalist brands (for plus and standard sizes). 


Shopping is optional, but if you find you need to add or replace a few items in your closet, I'll teach you a smart and efficient way to do so and you'll use my efficient shopping planner to accomplish this. 


The fewer items you have the better they should be cared for so this lesson teaches you the best method of extending the life of your clothing. It also includes a fabric care guide for easy reference. 


After all this work we wouldn't want you to revert back to a closet full of stuff you don't adore, so I'll show you how to maintain your Capsule Wardrobe every month or quarter with a master Summary Sheet pulling all the work from previous modules in one place. 

BONUS content

To support you in each part of the process your lessons will also include: 

  • Daily emails with the course modules and challenges
  • Self-paced course system (accessible anytime) 
  • Downloadable guides and workbooks
  • Reference list of relevant editorials
  • Lifetime availability (including updates)