Each lesson takes about 30-60 minutes to work through and includes a comprehensive set of content (videos, slides, images, and worksheets) to help you apply the tips and tricks to your own closet.  

1. Intro 

So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? I'll provide an in-depth review of this growing trend and discuss why it is the most efficient way to build your signature style and dream closet.  

2. Lifestyle 

If you have a lot of stuff in your closet that seems completely off from your actual lifestyle you aren't alone. We'll tackle the challenge of mapping your wardrobe to the reality of your day-to-day. 

3. Aesthetic 

Struggling to understand and develop your personal style? This lesson will help you get in touch with your own aesthetic so every single item of clothing you buy going forward is a piece you'll absolutely love. 

4. Evaluation 

Now that the fundamentals are covered we need to get our hands dirty. In this lesson I'll show you how to evaluate what stays in your closet vs. what goes as well as what you'll need to buy for your capsule. 

5. Checklist

After the evaluation you'll need to develop a capsule wardrobe checklist. It's not just a shopping list but a seasonal guide of must-have staples that you should always have in your closet. 

6. Budget

Before you rush off to shop, there are a few more things to address. One critical part of this course is making sure you stay within your financial means. The budgeting lesson will ensure you don't go broke. 

7. Brands

I am a strong advocate of having a go-to set of brands that you can depend on for your capsule wardrobe. This lesson will discuss how to discover those brands and provide recommendations on where to start. 

8. Shop

Ok now it's time to shop! However, there is a process I want to teach you to ensure: (a) you aren't overwhelmed and (b) you don't fall victim to impulse purchases. This lesson will make shopping extremely efficient. 

9. Care

The fewer items you have the better they should be. In this lesson we'll discuss how to assess your purchases for quality and how to care for these pieces to extend their longevity. 

10. Conclusion 

We'll close out the course by discussing how you can stay committed to your newly created capsule over time. After all this work we wouldn't want you to revert back to a closet full of stuff you don't need!