This course is specifically designed to help you build a closet of essentials that complement your style and life. The result? Completely eliminating the daily "what to wear" dilemma.  

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You will establish a stronger sense of style and self after this course. The process will be about developing self-awareness and a keen sense of quality – not about keeping up with the latest fashion trends or being a walking billboard for luxury logos. By understanding the wardrobe staples that work for your body type, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences, you'll boost your confidence and feel more secure in what you decide to wear each day. No more wearing things that make you feel less than. 

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From assessing fabric quality to better determining fit, you will learn how to maximize the value of every dollar you spend on your clothes. Moreover (and contrary to what you may have heard) your capsule wardrobe will not be created with a set number of items in mind. Instead, the goal will be to identify the fundamental elements of your wardrobe and then align your needs with your financial resources. You'll no longer waste thousands of dollars on things you don't absolutely love and need. 



The daily "what to wear" drama is about to come to an end. Standing in front of your closet like a deer in head lights will be a thing of the past. With the right colors and silhouettes you'll be able to close your eyes, pick 2-3 pieces, and blindly create an outfit that looks great. I'm not exaggerating (I do this sometimes). The items in your capsule wardrobe will work seamlessly with one another making getting ready an enjoyable and time-efficient process.