Course FAQs

will this course always be available? 

Yes and No :) 

Though the course is open year-round the number of students enrolled at any one time is limited.  This allows me to be responsive to students who have questions or personal challenges they need assistance with. 

If you try to access the course and it is closed you'll be able to join the waitlist and notified if space becomes available. Best not to linger if you are motivated to update your style and your closet now.

how is the free TRIAL course different from the full course? 

In the mini free trial course you will be sent a daily email with four out of the ten lessons in the course. You will not have access to all of the course materials but it's a great opportunity to try out the program before committing to it. 

The full course students receive daily emails for all ten lessons plus access to the self-paced professional course system where all the supplemental materials are stored. This course also includes a lifetime discount to all of my other courses and resources. 

You can take a peek at the course page here. 


This well-structured e-course format does a better job than a book or blog at pacing you through the exact steps to curating an edited closet.

Moreover, the course draws on my personal and professional style and design experience to offer an intuitive, no-drama method for building a wardrobe you will love.

Why should I pay for this course?

I notice that in the simple living niche there's a tendency to believe that all information, content, and resources should be given and obtained without cost, or that you should be frugal and avoid spending money. This is a common misconception. 

Minimalism is about being intentional and focused on what matters to you, not about depriving yourself just for the sake of saying you are a minimalist.

I believe you must invest in yourself to achieve the results you desire in life and this course is a very small investment given the benefits: 

  • save time because you will no longer stress out about what to wear 
  • spend wisely because you won't ever buy things you don't love again 
  • increase confidence because you'll create an effortless signature style

Moreover, the course is attainably priced and you can try it free and get a 30-day, 100% no risk refund guarantee when you decide to purchase the full version. 

Who is this course for? 

The course is a solution to common style and wardrobe challenges. It was specifically designed with you in mind if any of the following apply: 

  • You're transitioning to a new life phase (new job, new child, new city, etc.) and need your wardrobe to reflect the change.  
  • You are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you own or you have limited space and need to pare down. 
  • You tend to impulse buy or purchase things that you end up not wanting or needing. 
  • You have a limited budget and want to learn how to get more out of it. 
  • You aren't into "fashion" but want to look polished and pulled together each day.
  • You don't have a lot of time to get ready or figuring out what to wear stresses you out. 
  • You travel frequently and want to learn how to pack light. 

What format is the course delivered in?

The course is sent via a daily email with the lesson and challenge plus a self-paced professional course system where all of the premium materials (workbooks and guides, reading recommendations and resources, private group forum) are housed. 

How long does it take? 

It will take about 10 minutes to consume each lesson however the time you spend applying the lessons to your closet via the daily challenges and supplemental materials is up to you. 

What if I'm not satisfied? 

I offer a no risk 100% refund guarantee if you contact me within 30-days. 

I have more questions

I'm here to answer them! Contact me at