Course FAQs


What is a capsule wardrobe? 

First, it is not about only owning 20 items or putting other unnecessary restrictions on yourself.

It's about curating a well-thought out closet made up of intentional purchases of essential items that compliment your shape, aesthetic, and lifestyle.

A capsule wardrobe prioritizes quality over quantity and helps you create multiple outfits from staples pieces that you absolutely love owning.  

A part of the course will be dedicated to educating you more about this concept (if you need more context). 


The idea for this course actually came about from frequent emails from readers asking me to enhance my minimalist style posts with more ideas for practical application. So I became aware that there was a need I could potentially help solve. 

To my knowledge (and I searched extensively and explored many resources) there are no other capsule wardrobe resources as comprehensive, hands-on, well-structured, and clearly communicated as what you will find in this course. I'm also confident that the e-course format is a more thorough method of solidifying the process than just a book or worksheet.     

Moreover, my goal is not just to show you a bunch of cute outfits so you can purchase them through my affiliate links. It is also not to indoctrinate you and conform you to my personal aesthetic. Having a minimalist style doesn't mean adopting my taste or color palette but finding your own. 

My life was significantly changed when I figured out how to simplify my style and I aim to show you how you can change your life using this method as well. 

That said, there are some incredible minimalist fashion blogs, websites, and books available these days (way more than when I started my style journey). There's no reason why you can't round out your repertoire by exploring and pulling great information from more than one! 

Who is this course for? 

This course is especially useful for anyone who has transitioned to a new phase in life (new job, new child, new city, new outlook, etc.) and need your wardrobe to reflect this. It can be very difficult aligning your style with your lifestyle and this course will offer tips and solutions that help you with this. 

This course is also perfect for you if any of the following apply: 

  • You want the items in your wardrobe to be beautiful and practical
  • You aren't into "fashion" but want to look stylish and polished
  • You don't have a lot of time to spend getting ready
  • You're lacking space and need to cut down on non-essentials
  • You make impulse shopping decisions and have wasted a lot of money 
  • You travel frequently and need to learn how to pack light 
  • You never know what to wear and getting ready is stressful 
  • You're curious about the capsule wardrobe concept but change is hard and you need more than a generic ebook or checklist to guide you

What if I'm not into fashion? 

This course is not about keeping up with fashion trends but establishing a keen sense of personal style and building a wardrobe of fewer but better pieces that work for you. 

What if I'm not a minimalist? 

The capsule wardrobe concept draws on principles of minimalism in terms of it being a tool to do more with less. However, this doesn't mean you have to adopt a minimal aesthetic. No matter if your style is bohemian or eclectic, if you believe you could benefit from creating a core collection of staples that make it easier to get ready each day, this course is for you. 

What format is the course delivered in?

You will be provided with a website link where you can access all the course materials easily. Content is easily viewable no matter the device you are on. Each lesson will include about 30-60 minutes worth of material in the form of video, audio, slides, images, and printable PDF worksheets. 

How long does it take? 

Each lesson will take about 30-60 minutes to consume all of the content and complete the action items. However, how long you decide to take applying the learnings to your closet is completely up to you. 

Do I have to buy more clothes? 

It depends, though shopping is not the main focus of the course and the whole purpose is getting to a place where you only buy what you absolutely need. You don't need more clothes but the right clothes. During the course you will spend time evaluating what you already have and then determining if you need to giveaway some items that aren't being worn to make room for more useful essentials.  

What if I'm not satisfied? 

Well the course is completely free but if there are issues with your experience or questions about the content just contact me and we will promptly sort it out!