How to Pack in 30 Minutes Flat

 Image via Cereal Magazine

Image via Cereal Magazine


If packing is notoriously frustrating, time consuming, and a major form of stress, you may need to rethink your routine and create a more simplified method. The following minimalist packing tips will do the trick. 


If you leave it up to memory you'll always forget something. The best way to pack swiftly and efficiently is to use a checklist. Think about the items that you know you always need, categorize them (clothing, accessories, toiletries, etc.) so they are easy to grab, and voila. 


There are certain things (like travel sized toiletries and beach gear) that you can always keep packed up and ready to simply throw in your luggage whenever you take a trip. Having a set of pre-packed items significantly cuts down on travel prep time. 


If you wear a daily uniform you'll cut your packing time in half by not having to think too hard about outfits. Even if you don't wear a uniform in your everyday life, consider creating a standard set of go-to travel outfits or sticking to a set color scheme to alleviate the "what to wear" stress. 


Believe it or not, many people don't know how to properly fold and arrange items based on what they are taking. Rolling items helps maximize space. Folding will minimize wrinkles. Bundling and grouping like items make it easy to reach and pull things out when needed. 


It's worth taking the time upfront to find the right pieces of luggage and travel accessories that work for you. For instance, the Rimowa lightweight bags make it easy to pack more without going over weight limits, and packing cubes are great for keeping the inside of your luggage neat and organized.

Ready to take inspired action?


Packing doesn't have to be a dreadful activity.  It could be a form of meditation and aesthetic pleasure: imagine sipping tea, listening to soft music, and methodically placing your beloved items in a beautiful bag.

This could be your experience with a simple revamp of your old packing habits.

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