How to Take a Shower

My showering routine use to consist of a few quick minutes of mindless lathering while I mulled over how to prioritize the day’s activities. Then one day my thoughts wandered so far off while standing under the faucet that, when I finally came to, I couldn’t remember if I had soaped up or not.  

I realized in that instance that pursuing all of life’s luxuries was a pointless cause if I couldn’t even take the time to properly enjoy the pleasurable moments that come free of charge.

What does it matter if I buy a $35 bottle of expensive body wash if I’m only robotically going through the motion of cleansing myself —  a benefit, by the way, that we take for granted in the western world.

So, I decided to master the art of showering as part of a broader effort to pay more attention to the simple pleasures. Here’s what I do to ensure that my showering experience is truly something to look forward to.

Carve out time

It’s something that we need to do daily but somehow it gets squeezed into our everyday getting ready routine as an afterthought. If you are to create a proper showering (or bathing) ritual then allocate a fair amount of time to it like you do other important appointments.  

Consider the evening

I started showering in the evening as an experiment and it has worked wonders for my sleep quality. Pairing an evening shower with a cup of tea is the perfect way to relax and prepare for bed. Moreover, it will allow you to spend a little more time since you aren’t caught up in the morning rush.

Set the mood

Don’t think it excessive to light a candle or put on soft ambient music in the background. Also be thoughtful about keeping your bathroom squeeky clean, clutter free, and aesthetically pleasing so you feel comfortable in the space. Again, you are turning an essential activity into a pleasurable experience.  

Don’t blank out

Don’t cheat yourself by using showertime as a mechanism for organizing your checklist or projecting yourself into the future. For many, this might be one of few moments you actually have completely to yourself so take full advantage of it. Keep your thoughts fixated on the experience at hand.

Indulge in products

Splurging on products makes sense only after you commit to being in the moment. At that point it’s ok to make select guilt-free purchases on items that will enhance the experience. You may upgrade your faucet, indulge in higher quality towels, get a new bath robe, or try out luxe skincare brands.


As with most good things in life you can maximize enjoyment by simply paying more attention to them. Creating these little rituals for yourself suddenly turns the mundane day-to-day into exciting moments that can collectively improve your quality of life pretty significantly. 

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