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As I consider items to incorporate into my home in 2017 I am largely inspired by two themes: water and sustainability.

Water has been an important theme for me this year in two ways:

One, hydrating more and relying on increased water intake to be my internal elixir of sorts. I have an aversion to medications and supplements as well as the overuse of cosmetics. So my ability to feel well and look good is largely dependent on natural means.

Two, being more conscious of wasteful water consumption. My partner has called my bluff by forcing me to apply my minimalist ideology to areas that have a meaningful impact on the environment. So we've made small lifestyle changes to minimize our footprint.

The memobottle featured in the editorial What Makes a Perfect Water Bottle? was the first item that helped tackle both one and two. It not only alleviated disposable plastic bottle waste but was an attractive vessel that made me want to carry it and drink more.

In my personal household we also purchased a SodaStream as an alternative to having to recycle dozens of sparkling water bottles each week. Additionally, we've stopped unnecessary running of the faucets (like when sudsing up in the shower as just flipping off the shower head for a minute saves gallons of water).


However, I want to continue the water theme and there are two items that can help me accomplish this. 

Yield Design brought their beautiful Florida-based industrial design studio to my attention and I was immediately enamored with their entire collection. Their pure copper drinking cup stands out as a perfect piece for the home because of the beauty and durability of the material. This is definitely not an item you'll want hidden in the back of your cupboard.

As I was considering other items to bring into my home and feature here it was quite serendipitous that Mike, Founder and CEO of Soma Water happened to reach out. I was initially connected to Mike way back when he was making the video for his pre-launch Kickstarter campaign. I was an early supporter then and it's amazing that our paths have crossed all these years later given our shared design principles.

The Soma glass carafe is hands down the most beautifully and thoughtfully designed water filter on the market. It just so happens that my father is a chemical engineer for a major urban water department. So I know way too much about the type of substances that we end up consuming as a result of drinking tap water. I've used many different filters and trust Soma more than the comparable options on the market. It's also the only water filter I don't mind sitting out on the table.

As I thought about other essential items for the home I relaxed the water theme but stayed fixated on sustainability as a requisite for consideration. I also wanted to support a small brand that wasn't as well known.

Twelve Dots helped round out my edit with their handsomely crafted 100% European oak cutting and serving board. I have a special love for Croatia having spent 6 weeks there right after I quit my 9 to 5 as this is where the initial idea for this destination was conceived. The Croatia-based homewares brand only manufactures a few items but what they do produce is designed with thoughtfulness and a bias towards simplicity in form and function.

These three must-have home essentials are all consciously-crafted kitchen and dining items that were thoughtfully designed from sustainable materials. A special thanks to photographer and stylist Benjamin Holtrop for bespoke imagery showcasing these elevated essentials.


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