Brand Edit: Grey & Lily

I spend a lot of time looking at screens and I'm not ashamed of it. The virtual world is where technology has evolved us and I won't resist because it's more efficient (and economical and sustainable) than drowning in reams of paper.  

Despite this stance I'm the first to admit the limitations of doing everything virtually. Some things require a tangible object to truly convey its essence. 

Personal correspondence is one of those things. Just like I buy indie design magazines to experience the weight of the paper while flipping their pages, the touch of luxurious note cards makes my communication feel real. 

These days I barely think when I shoot off emails. But when I sit down to write a letter it's an experience. I clear my workspace, pull out my favorite ink pen, and craft my words from a thoughtful place instead of spitting out pure prose. 

I appreciate bespoke stationery brands like London-based Grey & Lily for keeping the tradition of papeteries alive. We need to be reminded of the importance of physical items. Humans have always been craftsmen and we find meaning in what we can create and touch.  

The high quality note cards by Grey & Lily are handcrafted using a traditional British press. The simple elegance of each card is apparent given the gold foil, weighty stock, sophisticated colors, and clean typography. 

Though I embrace the convenience of typing and tapping on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone they don't replace the simple pleasure of handwriting letters. My beautiful Grey & Lily stationery staples ensure that.