Silver Lining ft. Agata Bielen


Beauty is my religion and in 2016 I've become more devout than I've ever been. As negative news and pessimistic perspectives circulated the globe I've hung on to aestheticism as if my life depended on it. Even as personal hardship threatened to erode my confidence in self – and the state of world affairs tested my faith in the human spirit – beauty was that silver lining. It's an ever-present reminder of all that is good. 

There is something powerful about the way beautiful things are able to draw us in. When we see something that is visually appealing, balanced and harmonious, it causes us to respond by grasping our attention, heightening our senses and stirring our emotions. Through various aesthetic mediums we are capable of reliving this incredibly poignant and enjoyable experience over and over again. 

So I approach the future with an open-mind and look forward to what 2017 has in store. Since the funny thing about the power of beauty is also its mystery and magnetism: you never know what direction it will move you. And as Oliver Wendall Holmes exclaimed, “wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future”. 


A special thanks to Polish jewelry designer Agata Bielen for allowing us to borrow these gorgeous pieces from her collection. Her work is inspired by the line, that most basic but significant element of geometry that is the foundation for any work of art. One of Agata's pieces would be a thoughtful gift – for self or a loved one – this holiday or anytime you want to inspire with something that is beautiful and useful. 

Styling, modeling, and photography by Aja Nicole Edmond. Feel free to use or share images with credit back to this site.