Remember to Replenish

Spring is all about freshness, and after clearing your space from old things that no longer have a place in your life, you may find a need to replace key staples that you've long relied on.

I've had many life changes in the past couple of years that have been exciting but have kept me in a state of unrest. As a result I've dealt with change by simplifying — removing anything that added a level of complexity I didn't have the capacity to deal with. 

Though that sometimes led to oversimplifying. I got really good at ridding the old, outdated, and irrelevant, but wasn't doing such a good job at replenishing important things that were lost or left behind. This made me feel deprived and I realized that the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle start to diminish when you shed too much. 

So I decided to go against the grain this spring by exploring new brands that fill voids I've lived with for too long, and meet the functional and emotional needs I've neglected. Here's an edited list of what I've lingered upon, considered, admired, and/or ultimately patronized this month.



Good food is one of the areas in which I've made a conscious decision to prioritize my time and spend on. When cooking at home I only rely on salt, pepper, olive oil, and a small selection of other key ingredients so it's important that they are of the utmost quality.  ILA is a wonderful collection of kitchen essentials created by the founder of Sunday Suppers that will truly elevate your meal preparation. 


For the longest time I've been foolishly running around without a water bottle and before I knew it I was severely dehydrated. I realized that certain behavior – like drinking water – can easily become an afterthought if you don't have some sort of visual cue that serves as a constant reminder. So I keep my Memobottle with me at all times. You'll love the attention that its sleek, flask-like design garners. 


It's funny how easy it is to neglect what you deem as most important in life.  I have a very personal connection with music but in the midst of frequent traveling and moving haven't had a chance to upgrade my sound system. I started listening to music out of my iPhone speaker (not viable for anyone who cares about sound quality) and then eventually stopped because the experience was so subpar. Now that I'm settled in a new flat, I'm searching for high-performance speakers. The beautiful and portable Beoplay line (by Bang & Olufsen) should be at the top of your list if you are also speaker-hunting. 


I don't care where I travel or for how long – whatever I pack must fit nicely into a carryon because I hate checking luggage and can't afford to have my movement restricted by dragging around a lot of stuff. I have an obsession with finding the best travel bags and most recently invested in the Rimowa Salsa cabin bag. I assure you, it is the most stylish, lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver suitcase on the market. You'll love it so much that you'll keep it out in the open as a decor item even when you aren't using it. 


My entire wardrobe consists of less than 100 items but staying within a certain number is less important than carefully selecting pieces that I can really live in. I rarely purchase new clothes but when I do it has to be something that I can wear for at least 5 days straight (because I'm really into the concept of a uniform).  I was looking for a spring transitional piece that could take me from day to night (and weekends, and maybe even serve as lounge/sleep wear) and came across this jumper by Black Crane.  If you are all about effortless style, you'll look forward to working and playing in this frock.  


I'm one of those people who will go a really long time without something that I really want until I find the perfect solution. I've been looking for a full year for a tote bag that's minimal, well-designed, and sturdy enough to hold my laptop – and finally found it.  I'm trying to wait patiently for Kimberly & Nancy Wu (sisters and founders of the Building Block design studio) to bring the Life Business laptop bag back in stock, but might resort to pesky emails.  


Who isn't caught up in the notebook trend right now? There are so many brands to choose from that it's hard to make a choice. Despite the trend, I was going against the grain for the longest time by insisting that all of my work be done digitally. In addition to being environmentally-friendly I felt it was also more efficient. Well, it is ... EXCEPT for idea generation. Trying to brainstorm without a pen and pad has been painful so I'm jumping on the Appointed Co. bandwagon. You'll love the sophisticated (and customizable) assortment of this American-made brand that was launched on Kickstarter. 


Reading is truly fundamental to me, but after a bout of self-help, personal development, and philosophy books I felt I needed to take a break and try to process all of the lessons learned. I've picked back up on my avid reading schedule but am opting for more creative publications this time around. I supported Hue Journal on Kickstarter and am eagerly anticipating the first edition of this fashion and interiors magazine. 

Written by Aja Edmond. All images found on the website or social channels of aforementioned brands (or our own).