An Ode to Objects

Mankind has built oh so many perfect things! — Pablo Neruda

I remember when I first had a shift in my perception of things and, ultimately, my consumption habits. 

Though I've never owned a lot of stuff I haven't always been discerning about what I've acquired, ultimately feeling underwhelmed by many of my possessions. 

So I started to identify brands with exceptional design standards that created highly functional, high-quality objects that I could thoughtfully integrate into my life. 

Then I read Odes to Common Things, a collection of poems by Pablo Neruda, and refined my perception even more. Neruda celebrates the beauty of simple things and elevates the everyday objects we take for granted. He exposes the power of the mundane. 

Afterwards, I realized that objects meet both functional and emotional needs and minimalism is an ability to eliminate what doesn't serve this essential purpose. 

From that point on, I felt compelled to celebrate good design and elevate the subtle significance of everyday things — for their utility and beauty but also the sense of identity we derive from them. 

The fact is, humans have meaningful relationships with things and those connections should be explored and respected. Neruda does this, helping us revere what our fellow men have crafted with care and intent. 

Celebrate Your Things

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