Brand Edit: Memobottle

There's no better example of the interdependence of form and function. It stores the fluid vital to life, but its silhouette draws us in even more than the promise of thirst-quenching.  

These days, the water bottle you carry says a lot about who you are and what you believe in. The demise of cheap disposable plastic bottles is drawing nigh. Not only because they harm our environment, but also because they hurt our ego. 

Even the most indifferent and nonchalant amongst us want to stand for something. And nothing says "I don't care" like hydrating with a nondescript container from some no-name brand.
Though it's not so much a symbol of status as it is an indicator of thoughtfulness.  Why not carefully select the vessel you rely on throughout the day to refresh and replenish you? In ancient Greece residents of all classes meticulously crafted their hydria (water vessel), appropriately elevating the design to match its perceived usefulness. 

We're starting to follow suit. But what exactly constitutes the perfect water bottle design? It's subjective and dependent on individual tastes, but there are three important attributes that should be central to your decision-making. 


Here's where your aesthetic sensibility comes into play. You may naturally gravitate to the feeling of completion that a cylindrical bottle yields. While despite being new and unusual in water bottle design, someone else may embrace the feeling of balance that a square container exudes. Pay particular attention to shape as this is an item you'll be looking at multiple time during the day. 


Now for more practical matters. Needing to refill after every sip is not feasible. Lugging a weight isn't either. You want to strike the right balance between volume and portability.  In some cases, less is simply less so let your water consumption habits influence your selection. 


Now, your emotional and rationale side must coordinate. For instance, you may prefer the sleekness of glass but find it too heavy for everyday carry. The texture and color of a water bottle candidate will initially attract you, however your lifestyle should balance beauty preferences with utility. 


When you are committed to only buying the essentials, it's important that those essentials arehigh performers when it comes to serving you both aesthetically and functionally. Take the time to select your perfect water bottle and see how dramatically this minor effort at thoughtfulness will improve your day. 

Images are of the slim and sleek pocket-sized and BPA free  Memobottle.