Capsule Wardrobe Accessories

Once you've established your capsule wardrobe or perhaps your daily uniform, what accessories should you invest in to bring it all together?

Pass on the knick knacks and random assortment of small goods that end up getting lost in the bottom of your drawer or back of your closet. Instead opt for items that pass the everyday carry test and maximize quality (so you can buy once and not worry about replacing for years to come). 


Don't underestimate the power of the perfect bag. It's worth doing your due-diligence to find an everyday tote that is sturdy enough to hold all your essentials and durable enough to survive the demands you put on it. I like my bags spacious and strong and never want to feel like it's so expensive that I can't just toss it here or there (which I do often). That said, it must be well-built so it doesn't strain my shoulders or collapse under the pressure of my laptop and other gear. 


I don't own any jewelry but I recognize that having some sort of adornment is a wonderful means of self expression (especially if most of your wardrobe consists of understated basics). For me, it's a Swiss-made watch with interchangeable bands. For you, it may be the classic diamond earrings or pearl necklace, or maybe even an oversized bangle bracelet. The key is to highlight your signature style with one item that you never get tried of wearing. 


An umbrella, scarf, and pair of sunglasses. Give some serious thought to core accessories that you depend on for multiple seasons throughout the year. I prefer these go-to staples to be classic instead of trendy by maximizing function (without totally compromising on style). 


If you travel frequently (or simply do a lot of walking during the day) constantly changing in and out your shoes gets old fast.  Back in my Corporate America days I hated the fact that I had to commute in tennis shoes and then find some unassuming location to quickly slip into my heels before anyone spotted me awkwardly hunched over. Nowadays I own no heels and instead choose stylish uber-comfortable flats in a few basic colors that go with everything in my closet and are appropriate for any occasion. 


Don't you hate digging into the black hole of your bag trying to sift out loose items? Keeping your tote organized makes retrieving necessities throughout the day so much easier. The way to do that is with a carry-all unit that helps you keep your cords, notebooks, pens, cards, receipts, and other items neatly packed away (and not floating around in the depths of your tote). 


Personally, I'd rather wait to invest in great well-made staples that serve me well than buy cheap "ok" items on a whim that I end up having to get rid of. If you complete your capsule wardrobe thoughtfully you'll never lose the joy in getting ready despite turning to the same things over and over again. 


Images (left to right): Building Block Business Bag, Mansai Screw Cuff, Rag & Bone Merino Scarf, Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses, Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat, This Is Ground Mod Tablet


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