Ila Cooking Essentials

Cooking, to me, is more of a meditative practice than it is an attempt at dietary control. Dining out is easier, sometimes cheaper, and with the diversity of options these days, can be just as healthy. 

But just like sitting in front of a television flipping through sitcoms will never compare to quality time with family and friends, nothing can outdo a thoughtfully prepared home-cooked meal. 

The issue is, despite coming from a family of great cooks, the gene somehow skipped me. I'm a mediocre cook at best, and in order to preserve the joy of meal preparation I absolutely must keep it simple. 

If you're similar to me, you've probably had your share of disastrous kitchen moments and prefer take-out or dining out as a result. However, speaking from experience, you can eliminate the complexity by (a) cutting down on the number of main ingredients and (b) scaling back on the spices and seasonings.    

I happened upon ILA after making a commitment to cook more. I wanted a small selection of seasoning staples that would work for what I call "simple food". The beautifully packaged collection is from the founder of Sunday Suppers, a food and design community with roots in Brooklyn, NY.  

With its understated line of salt, pepper, olive oil, and other seasoning staples, ILA provides all you need to pull off a fresh and flavorful meal. An added bonus is the elevated branding that will enhance your kitchen's aesthetic even when you aren't preparing food.