Cozy with Louise Gray

With our eyes constantly locked on the future – eagerly anticipating what's next – it's becoming easier and easier to forget about the past. 

Ever wonder how, despite our insatiable desire for the newest technology and latest innovation, they often leave us with a void? Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and not easy to suppress. When we reminisce and reflect on little moments from bygone days we often seek objects that help us remember and relive those important experiences. 

Louise Gray understands our dual need – to live in the now but still honor the then. They've reimagined the traditional art of quilt making with more contemporary designs and fabrications that are appropriate for the modern home. 

Carefully crafted by skilled artisans in the Midwest U.S.A., these unique and versatile 100% cotton pieces help offset mass production practices threatening to make obsolete the rich heritage of the cut and sow industry. 

In the midst of our fast-paced and restless lives, Louise Gray keeps us mindful of our inner yearning for comfort and security. An investment in one of their quilts will easily become a proxy for those small but significant memories we can't help but cherish.