Decorate With Flora


For all the corners, nooks and empty spaces in your home – there is a simple solution that only requires a quick trip to your local florist or neighborhood plant shop. Decorate with flowers and plants instead of knick knacks and breathe new life into otherwise neglected areas. 


I recently moved into a spacious new flat and felt intimidated by all the untouched surfaces. I didn't want to purchase unnecessary items just because I needed gap fillers.  

I was inspired by one large plant I had temporarily positioned in the corner of my bedroom until I could think of a piece of furniture to replace it. I caught myself often standing there staring at it's simple beauty: lush green in an unassuming taupe pot against a white backdrop. After a few weeks I couldn't imagine anything else being there and felt I wanted to recreate that aura in other parts of my home. 

Now I use a variety of pretty plants housed in beautiful pottery to act as door stoppers, table settings, bookshelf accessories, and to fill just about any void that I don't want cluttered with kitsch. 

In addition to the wellness benefits of having green and organic flora throughout your home, they naturally enhance the aesthetic of any space they are in. And, being inexpensive and easy to care for, I can't think of a better simple pleasure to indulge in when it comes to designing your interior.


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