The Passing of Time


Some say that timepieces have made us slaves of time. I say it gives us the opportunity to be masters of it. 


I once dreaded the clock. From waking up in the morning to a screeching alarm to rushing between back-to-back meetings, the clock reminded me that my time was not my own.

When I decided to take control of my schedule by envisioning and implementing the lifestyle I desired for myself, the clock became my friend. It's now a pleasant reminder that the majority of my day consists of activities that I actually want to partake in. 

As my day evolves – from morning to noon to night – there are certain objects that accompany me throughout the journey. I rely on these beloved essentials from sun up to sun down and they work hard to ease the demands of work and play.  

In collaboration with Skagen I've selected a gorgeous duo from their 2017 spring selection to incorporate into my daily routine. The gold rimmed and navy leather wristwatch along with the vibrant blue saddle bag are the perfect combination of beauty and utility. 

This is a sponsored editorial in partnership with Skagen. Styling, modeling, and photography are by me.