5 Minimalist Wellness Brands

Here's my roundup of brands that combine fitness, style, grooming, and other areas of well-being, with outstanding design to help you make a fresh start for 2017.

I should offer my personal definition of the word "wellness". To me, it is the general sense of being in good physical, mental (and emotional) health. Or, more specifically, the feeling that you are reaching your full potential across various lifestyle categories. Now for the list ... 



Because they educate us about the air we breathe with a smart device that monitors our indoor environment, helping us track and eliminate toxins with personalized recommendations that improve air quality.


Tangent GC

Because they elevate the mundane world of chores with their eco-friendly and delicate garment care line that's a welcome alternative to mass-produced cleaning products that harm our clothes, skin, and environment.



For being at the forefront of food technology with an intelligently engineered assortment of convenient and affordable staples that claim to be healthy and provide our essential nutritional needs.


Outdoor Voices

For taking athleisure to a whole new level with technical interchangeable fitness and leisure apparel that's stylish enough to wear inside and outside the gym.



For creating the effortless hair movement with a range of sulfate-free, keratin-based products and customized step-by-step solutions for multiple hair types and challenges.


All images courtesy of the aforementioned brands.