Brand Edit: Ohlin/D

Ohlin/D is a contemporary ready-to-wear women's brand with a focus on sustainability and a cool + chic aesthetic.  

I often come across brands that I admire from afar but never quite take the leap to becoming a patron, as I've become quite discerning about what I allow into my wardrobe.  

Ohlin/D was one of those labels that I loved to follow but couldn't quite see it working for me. That's until I saw some of the items in their most recent collections. 

Previously I felt there was just a bit too much embellishment and some of the pieces bordered on eclectic. However they've cleaned up their presentation with a more minimal aesthetic while still tastefully adding little details that distinguish them from the plethora of basics brands that have launched in the last few years. 

What draws me in most is summed up in their tagline: crafting heirloom quality apparel and goods, which, with proper care, can be appreciated generation to generation. Indeed, the attention to detail, focus on craftsmanship, and use of the highest quality fabrics leads me to believe that I will long cherish their items, perhaps even passing them down to my sure to be stylish unborn daughter.