Minimal Mocktails are a Simple Pleasure


Seedlip has proclaimed themselves to be the world's first non-alcoholic spirits brand, solving the problem of what to drink when you aren't drinking. 

There are certain brands that so effectively solve pressing consumer needs that they barely need to market themselves. I can't even remember what led me to the Seedlip website but when I arrived it only took a minute of browsing before I was convinced. 

I enjoy certain drinks for their taste and role in social settings but I'm pretty over the intoxicating aspects. Sure, a nice glass of wine after a hard day is a welcome relaxant but anything more than one and I'll have a restless night and a splitting headache that takes days to wear off.  


For some reason age has made me increasingly intolerant and I wondered what I would turn to if my body forced me to become abstinent. Seedlip directly addresses this concern with their tasty herb-infused spirits based off of The Art of Distillation, an alchemy collection of remedies and elixirs published in London in 1651. 

Seedlip currently offers two flavors of its infusions – Spice 94 and Garden 108. In addition to being free of alcohol, sugar, calories, and artificial flavors, they both come in beautiful display-ready packaging.

I chose Spice 94 and, even though Seedlip offers an assortment of mocktail recipes on their website, I created my own concoction using what I had in the fridge. This included sparkling water and the juice from organic kiwi and pear. Though I'm eager to follow Seedlip's Spice Sour recipe that includes lemon juice, egg white, and a dash of white wine vinegar. 

Since Seedlip's infusions are copper pot distilled I used my copper cups from Yield Design to serve up the drinks. For presentation I also sliced the fruit for garnishment and laid them out on my Twelve Dots serving board.

My easy DIY minimal mocktail moment was tasty, healthy, and evoked the same feeling you get at a bespoke cocktail bar. Thanks to these botanical blends I now have a sophisticated alternative to liquor.