[The Abundant Business Blueprint™] A formula for thriving in life and work

The secret to thriving in your life and work as a creative entrepreneur, comes down to a simple 3-step formula for personal growth and business growth.

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ is a proprietary formula I developed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their life and business. 

If you are trying to start a business but can't get it off the ground, wanting to grow an existing business that's not earning as much as you'd like, or struggling to balance your business with your personal life, then this formula (as presented in the complimentary masterclass) is right for you.

Want a life and business that gives you freedom, fulfillment and financial success?

Get my proprietary Abundant Business Blueprint™ formula and learn how to design your life and build a six-or-seven-figure business that supports it.

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It is especially for those facing fear, frustration or failure. As these are symptoms of a lack of flow — blocks in one or more areas of the formula — hindering you from creating and working at an optimal state.

The formula shows you how to balance and flow through the intimately interconnected elements — freedom, fulfillment and financial success — that are key to enduring happiness and your ability to thrive in life and business.

  • Freedom means empowerment to live on your own terms and freely express your ideas, talents and interests.
  • Fulfillment is obtained by listening to your intuition and building a growth mindset to enhance creative output.
  • Financial success is a byproduct of mastering the art of creating value for others so you can live abundantly as well.

By balancing these three elements you can be more intentional in your personal pursuits and more effective in your ability to prosper and progress.

I've written a 3-part series that introduces you to the core elements Abundant Business Blueprint™ as a supplement to the masterclass — a video and audio training (plus bonus workbook) that walks you through how to personalize and apply the formula to your life and work. Below is graphical representation of the formula.

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ is a proprietary formula I developed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their life and business. 

There are two things I want to call out before you attend the masterclass and dive into the series: 

First, the major cause of imbalance and blocks in your life and work is likely due to being overly focused on one part of the formula. Each element is interconnected and equally important to your personal and professional development. 

From coaching several creative entrepreneurs I've found that most fixate on the financial component not realizing that abundance is impossible when the other elements aren't properly nurtured.

Second, the formula encourages you get into a flow state as when you are in flow you feel most confident as a creative entrepreneur and have the intuitive ability to make the best decisions.

Flow is the optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best — Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Definitely brush up on the concept of flow if you aren't well acquainted with it. As a creator, this is critical to your personal sense of well-being as well as the health of your business.

To sum it all up, the Abundant Business Blueprint™ is 3-part formula — freedom, fulfillment and financial success —and streamlined means of pursuing purpose and prosperity by maximizing your potential. 

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  • Attend the masterclass (includes video, audio plus bonus workbook)  
  • Explore the rest of the 3-part series on the core elements of the formula 
The Abundant Business Blueprint formula for thriving in life and business