Balancing Money & Meaning As an Entrepreneur


One of the greatest dilemmas in our quest for purpose is how to balance meaning with the pursuit of money — especially as entrepreneurs. 

The question of whether money buys happiness does not have a definitive answer. Wealth, obviously, is not defined by money but richness of life. Though, there’s no denying that quality of life is largely determined by economic prosperity.

Our notoriously tumultuous relationship with money is often rooted in confusion around its role: the muddled lines between whether it is merely a means to an end or an end itself, and whether it has inherent value or is solely one of many mediums of exchange.

Moreover, our insatiable thirst for money is driven by all that it symbolizes — security, identity, liberty — yet propels us to make difficult tradeoffs that jeopardize the very lifestyle we claim we need money to obtain.

Businesses often prey on consumers' money anxieties and financial discontent by taking advantage of the fears, insecurities, unfulfilled desires, and far off aspirations to influence them to buy and consume products that provide an artificial and temporary sense of high status — and self.

They deliberately write stories and scripts that showcase a more fabulous, more glamorous, more luxurious life, and invite consumers to exchange money for the opportunity to live vicariously through the fantastical images they convey.

But is that really the foundation you want to build your business on as an entrepreneur? How far are you willing to undermine the meaning behind your personal or business brand in order to make a sale?

I'd be a fool to suggest that money doesn't play a critical role in our lives and our businesses. However, the remedy to our money woes is to gain clarity on what money is and isn’t and what it can and can’t do for us.

Though it's easier said than done, with effort we can put it in its proper place and understand how to allocate some of our energy to more worthy means of building our brands and businesses. 

In my coaching program I help entrepreneurs stay true to the mission of their business and find ways to make money without resorting to tricks and shady tactics. Learn more and set up a complimentary strategy call. 

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