How to Travel More Efficiently: The Best 25 Digital Nomad Tools 


As a follow up to my How to Become a Digital Nomad article, I’ve compiled a list of resources that I’ve personally found useful throughout my journey (or have lingered on despite not yet having a need for them myself). 

The challenges that a Digital Nomad may face may definitely seem like “first world problems” but keep in mind there are many different people (from various walks of life, with various socioeconomic backgrounds, and from many different demographics) that choose this lifestyle. 

No matter your circumstances, where you are traveling, and what type of work you are doing, you'll have your fair share of frustrations, setbacks, disappointments, and many moments of confusion. 

I think it is important to have a short list of resources that you can rely on — and this is purposely an edited compilation of what I deem to be the “best of” from hundreds of different books, gear, websites, articles, and blogs I’ve scoured.

If it wasn’t for some of the tools on this list I wouldn’t have even become aware of this lifestyle let alone developed the mindset to make remote work a possibility for myself.  

Moreover, when I decided to make the move it was incredibly helpful to tap into existing communities and borrow ideas and inspiration. 


This resource guide includes a list of 25 tools divided by the following categories (with extra bonus tools at the end of the article). 


Outside of work the activity that takes up quite a bit of time is actually planning and booking trips. Most of the time it’s exciting but when the process starts to stretch out and I’m not making any headway it feels like a chore. 

I’m starting to use and investigate travel apps that can take some of the burden away and make planning and booking more efficient.

I refuse to turn over everything (don’t want to strip the fun out of the process) but it helps to have a person (or bot) on hand as a resource. 


Analyzes flights to tell you when to fly and when to buy your ticket. 


A concierge apps that uses artificial intelligence to find and book travel.  


An on-demand travel service where real people assist you with planning and booking travel. 


I prefer making the investment in built-to-last gear that won’t fail me when I’m on the road. I always default to a clean, minimal design so it looks good but isn’t so fancy and flashy that it makes me a moving target. 

There’s no shortage of gear that you can justify buying but not all of those things you will really need. Try to be discerning because if you want to fly efficiently and inexpensively as possible then carrying on vs. checking luggage is the best way to go. 

Here’s a selection of some of my must-haves. 



Though I love and prefer working in cafes sometimes I desire a more refined setting. Coworking spaces and on-demand offices provide an excellent service. 

If you hop around a lot it may be better to join a network or use a service that has a presence in many different cities. 

Access hundreds of co-working spaces with via a membership plan. 

A searchable database of paid workspaces. 

Rent well-designed workspaces and meeting rooms by the hour. 

User curated database of the best public and private workspaces, cafes, and other spots to work from.


No matter if you are in the preliminary phase of becoming a digital nomad or you’re a seasoned vet, it’s nice to have directories that help you quickly find what you are looking for. 

Below are websites that have massive compilations of information and links on every possible thing you can think of as it relates to this lifestyle. 

A comprehensive tool for finding the best destinations to live and work in. 

Nomad Stack
This is excellent collection of links to different types of resources for digital nomads – jobs, books, blogs, coworking, and more. 


If you want to learn more about this lifestyle, are in need of inspiration, or looking for guidance on how to make this work for you then these books happen to be amongst the cream of the crop. 

4 Hour Work Week
The popular book about how to live more, travel anywhere, and work less. 

An excellent guide to taking a sabbatical from work and traveling the world for a period of time.

The Art of Nonconformity
If you are interested in living life on your own terms then this book will show you how. 

Designing Your Life
This books is all about the concept of “life design” and inspires you to envision and create a meaningful and fulfilling life. 


Perhaps you prefer living and working in a group setting or want to spend part of your travels in the company of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. 

There are retreats and programs that bring together Digital Nomads from all over the world for just that purpose. 

Be Unsettled
30-day retreats for digital nomads seeking to mix up their routine, meet new people, and participate in curated group excursions.  

Remote Year
A one-year program where 50-80 professionals come together to live and work in a different city around the world every month. 

Bonus Tools


Take inspired action by exploring additional resources. 

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