[The Abundant Business Blueprint™] How to achieve financial success

The secret to thriving in your life and work comes down to a simple 3-step growth formula. Financial success is the third step.

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ is a proprietary 3-step formula I developed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their life and business. Financial success is the third step of the formula. 

I don't know any creative entrepreneurs who don't want to make a living doing work they love and run a business that is able to sustain their ideal lifestyle.

The issue is that many business owners don't have a wealth mindset and tend to overly fixate on the financial section without doing the necessary work that comes beforehand (as outlined in the previous parts of the formula).

But, business growth and personal growth go hand-in-hand. Once you've gone through the the Freedom and Fulfillment parts of the formula, you are ready to shift to the elements that make up Financial Success.

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Adding value is fundamental to the health of your business and your ability to generate wealth. It’s virtually impossible not to prosper when you are being useful to others. Because when you are truly meeting a need, fulfilling a desire or solving a problem people will gladly compensate you in exchange for what you have to offer.  

Having a service mentality makes it easier to understand how you can uniquely add value to your audience with your ideas, skills and talents. This is why in the Fulfillment part of the formula we discussed why you should focus on creativity and not money making per se.

In my coaching program I use out-of-the-box tactics such as Design Thinking to help creative entrepreneurs identify their audience’s pain points and create solutions that serve them.


To be abundant you must think abundantly, elevate your thinking and get out of a scarcity mindset. This will make you more in tune to the needs of others and thus in a better position to create value for them (and subsequently wealth for yourself).

Getting out of a scarcity mindset is the first step. This is the negative belief that everything in life is limited or never enough (be it money, time, or relationships) such that your thoughts, decisions, and actions are driven by a fear of lack.

Next, is building a wealth mindset which means thinking positively about your resources, cultivating gratitude and mastering the art of creating value.

Only after you’ve accomplished the above should you move into more technical tactics, as I outline in my six-figure business series, such as refining your pricing, building your marketing sales funnel, etc.

At this point you will see dramatic shifts in your ability to uncover opportunities, see possibility and identify ways in which you can advance yourself and your work.

I always find the financial component to be the most fun part of coaching creative entrepreneurs. All of the work on the other elements in the formula culminates into an open, positive and creative energy. That energy empowers us to come up with fresh ideas that help attract a larger audience and drive more revenue much faster.

Action Items 

Read the articles on how to develop a wealth mindset, getting out of scarcity mindset and elevating your thinking as they are instrumental to thinking abundantly. 

Attend the masterclass, if you haven't already, which includes a video and audio training plus bonus workbook on the Abundant Business Blueprint™. 

Explore the complete series to learn about the other components of the formula for thriving in life and work. 

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