[The Abundant Business Blueprint™] How to experience more freedom

The secret to thriving in your life and work comes down to a simple 3-step growth formula. Freedom is the second step.

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ is a proprietary 3-step formula I developed specifically for thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their life and work. Freedom is the second step of the formula. 

Freedom is all about having the liberty to live and speak your truth. Your truth is that which gives you self-esteem (take a moment to read about self-esteem and how it is linked to happiness).

When you don’t know your truth or feel restricted in the pursuit and expression of it then your self-esteem plummets and you can’t be happy. You will also struggle to build a business that resonates with your audience because what you put out there will feel insincere — to you and to them.

There are two core elements — Empowerment and Expression — that make up the freedom part of the formula.

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When you feel confident and in control you are empowered. So your ability to thrive — in life and business — relies on building up and protecting your self-esteem.

Though we may not all admit it, we all regularly face empowerment challenges particularly because running a business has a high likelihood of failure, according to statistics.

As a creative entrepreneur you are playing the odds. And this is why building self-esteem is a staple tactic in my coaching program: fear of the future. People are most confident when they believe they know what lies ahead. It’s hard to be confident in the midst of uncertainty.

But you can build your confidence on one fact of life: no one can predict tomorrow. Someone in a traditionally “safe” job is no more certain of their future than you with your statistically more risky endeavour.

Because statistics deal with known data — facts and figures based on past occurrences — but they can't calculate what's to come. So stay present and focus most of your energy on today — live as close to your truth as you can right now — because that's what you have the power to control.


Your ability to communicate clearly, effectively and consistently is fundamental to your sense of freedom.

So all manner of expression — be it visual, verbal, etc. — must be actively refined and come from a place of truth.

Because self-expression is so important for creative entrepreneurs, I take all of my clients through an extensive branding exercise if they haven’t yet gone through one. Because branding is a powerful method of speaking your truth.

The way you present yourself and your business to the world does wonders for your sense of pride and freedom, while simultaneously attracting a dedicated audience who can relate to your unique voice.

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