[The Abundant Business Blueprint™] How to find fulfillment

The secret to thriving in your life comes down to a simple 3-step growth formula. Fulfillment is the first step.

The Abundant Business Blueprint™ is a proprietary 3-step formula I developed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their life and business. Fulfillment is the first step of the formula. 

Humans have an innate desire to grow. After our basic needs are met we shift from the drive to survive to the desire to thrive. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs explains this more thoroughly. This theory by psychologist Abraham Maslow suggests:

We all ultimately strive for self-actualization i.e. granting our deepest desires, achieving our loftiest aspirations and fully utilizing our innate abilities (some may call this pursuing purpose).

But you can’t accomplish self-actualization (or fulfill your purpose) without a commitment to improving yourself and your work with smart strategies, good habits, and well-placed investments in your future. So the key to fulfillment is having the right mindset — a growth mindset — which you can develop in three ways.

1. emotion

Regardless if you perceive them as negative or positive, don't ignore or try to overcome your emotions but learn how to listen to them and use them as energy to fuel your work.

When I work with creative entrepreneurs I help them identify their dominant emotions and understand how they show up in their life and work. Then we create strategies for leveraging those emotions to bring about desired outcomes.

2. Intuition

Your ability to tap into your intuition and balance rational with emotional thought (i.e. listen to your head and heart) will help you think clearly and make better decisions.

I see a disconnect from intuition often in clients who come to me because they:

  • don't know how to start or stop something

  • don't know what to do or where to go

  • don't know which decision is best

"Don't know" is often a symptom of noise — too much information, too many opinions. So I work with creative entrepreneurs on turning down that noise so they can become familiar with their own inner voice.

3. Creativity

No matter what kind of business you run, as an entrepreneur you are a creator. You must nurture your creative energy so that you can consistently generate the unique ideas, products, services and experiences that will add value to the lives of others.

In our modern world we are hyper-focused on outcomes and end goals instead of the journey itself, which shifts the focus away from creativity. So the best way to nurture creativity is to understand how you are creative and to integrate it into a solid life and work routine that gives you space to create. 

The most common challenge I see with clients is equating running a business with making money which tends to stunt the creative process, as this is not the role and responsibility of a creative entrepreneur.

My understanding is that only governments have the authority to "make money" — and citizens use money as a medium of exchange. So unless you work for the U.S. Department of Treasury (or similar agency) then you should be focused on creating value for others. If you do that, money will naturally follow.

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