Introducing Morning Musings: Brief Ideas and Insights on Personal Growth

Morning Musings is a daily series comprised of brief but meaningful words to consider and reflect on. These short but substantial tidbits of inspiration provide actionable ideas for personal growth and professional development. You can explore the full series here


Morning Musings are a compilation of ideas and insights I've lingered on and believe to be worth sharing.  This series is a by-product of: 

  • the burst of ideas I typically receive during the magical transition phase from sleep to wakefulness. 
  • my morning routine that includes reading and compiling insights discovered from half a dozen books, articles, videos, and other content I consume each day. 
  • the desire to share these ideas and insights with my community on a daily basis, but not be restricted by the incredible amount of time required to research, structure, and write my long-form posts. 

I consider this my version of morning pages, a popular daily writing challenge developed by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

Because of the frequency, they are less polished and more personal than my long-form pieces. They’re short-form and loosely structured with half-baked viewpoints.  Sometime they’re backed by expert and objective sources, but often they’re original, highly subjective ideas. 

They are far from perfect. However, I promise they are written thoughtfully and intentionally. They’ll also give you a glimpse into how I apply the personal growth strategies I discuss to my own life. 

My desire is that reading Morning Musings is akin to having a slow brunch with your favorite person while waxing eloquently about life. 

Writing and publishing everyday is a lofty goal.  I feel vulnerable committing to a series I’m not even sure I’m disciplined enough to keep up. But I hope this is a way to establish a deeper connection with you and add more value than I’d otherwise be able to. 

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