4 Thoughtful Gifts That Will Inspire Personal Growth & Progress

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What do you give a person who believes less is more or who has a refined or specific taste? Focus on a useful gift, especially one that inspires personal growth. 

If you have a minimalist loved one (or any one with discerning taste for that matter) then you may think it difficult to select gifts for them.

Giving and gifting is an important component of any relationship. You shouldn't shun the opportunity to delight a loved one just because you don't understand or subscribe to their lifestyle principles.

Believe it or not, gifting a minimalist can be much easier than for those who have more complicated taste. But no matter who you intend to gift (minimalist or not), I have a fail-proof rule of thumb: 

The best gifts are those with lasting effects and impart actionable insights that yield life-long benefits.

I've compiled a short cheat sheet that provides very easy to follow tips for gifting your loved ones according to this rule. I also created an exclusive set of gift ideas that are sure to inspire personal growth and progress. 



If you intend on buying a physical item, avoid trends and kitsch by sticking with brands that have superior quality standards and well-made products with a timeless design.

However, be careful not to confuse classic with old-fashioned by opting for gifts that have maintained their cachet over time and are still relevant today. 


You can't go wrong by selecting items that are functional instead of merely decorative. Usefulness is a key element in minimalist design and will be appreciated by anyone who values the essentials.

Go a step further by considering a day-to-day must-have that seems to be missing from your minimalist's life. 


If you can't think of an object, redirect your brainstorming to special experiences. Try to figure out what activities your loved one holds dear or could greatly benefit from.

During the holiday season, in particular, we tend to get fixated on buying things when we should really be focusing on creating meaning for those we care about. 


Another excellent gift idea is one that educates or intellectually stimulates. Even more so is any resource that helps overcome information overload with thoughtful curation.

Think about a niche field that your minimalist works in or follows for leisure and identify a reputable resource that could help enhance their experience. 

Exclusive Gift Ideas

Building on the "informational" gift idea, if you know someone who is a motivated learner, my online courses can be gifted — either individually or as a bundle (at a complimentary discounted price). 

Gift Better Sleep

If your recipient is one of the 50-70 million people who don't get enough sleep, this is the perfect gift for them.

The Sleep Basics 14-day online course will educate them about the benefits of sleep, and provide them with solutions to help them improve both the quality and duration of their sleep. 

Gift a Minimalist Style

In the Streamline Your Style course, your recipient will build their very own capsule wardrobe — a thoughtfully assembled collection of timeless pieces that work seamlessly together, allowing them to easily create outfits they love from a small number of high-quality items.  

They will save more time, spend more wisely, and increase their confidence with a streamlined signature style. Most of all, they'll never worry about what to wear again. 

Gift Simple Living

The Minimalism Challenge is a one-year course sent via 52 easy to implement weekly email lessons. Your recipient will be exposed to common (and not so common) principles of minimalism and learn how to apply them to different areas of their life.

Gift a Best-in-Class Brand

Your recipient will learn how to build a best-in-class individual or business brand from scratch, without spending a fortune.

No matter if they are a student, professional, freelancer, or entrepreneur, they'll be guided through the fundamentals of a simple and effective framework. 

By the end of the Simplify Your Brand course they'll have crafted their entire brand strategy: vision, value, voice, and visuals.

Gift Personal Growth

For the ultimate in self-improvement, gift all four of these course in a bundle at a complimentary discount. 



Don't think one-size-fits-all when it comes to gifting your minimalist.

Minimalism is a blanket term that is used to describe many different ways of thinking, creating, and being, and it's important to understand the unique perspective of the individual you are gifting. 

In general, minimalism is a deep appreciation of simplicity. Your minimalist would not want this to be a complicated or frustrating experience for you so, when all else fails, don't be afraid to ask them what they want or need. 

And even if you aren't gifting a minimalist, remember the rule: gifts with lasting effects and lifelong benefits will be the most cherished.

Selecting a gift that motivates your loved one to grow personally or professionally is the ultimate in thoughtfulness. 


Give the Gift of Personal Growth

The best gifts are those with lasting effects. For the motivated learner, my online course will impart actionable insights that yield life-long benefits.