Puglia Italy: A Photo Journal of My 5 Favorite Villages


Puglia (aka Apulia) is a gorgeous region in the heel of Italy's picturesque south, and lesser known than the country's more popular destinations. 

It's unspoiled beaches, outstanding cuisine, relatively few tourists, and stunning medieval villages make it an idyllic off-the-beaten-path option. 

I recently had a wedding in the region and used the event as an excuse to build a long holiday around (what I love most about location independent work are adaptable vacations such as this).   

Our base was Masseria Genovese, a beautifully renovated property that dates back to the 1500s. Masserias are farmhomes build on scenic country estates that typically produce wine, olive oil, and other local staples in addition to providing lodging. 

Here's a photo journal of my five favorite villages in the region. 

Alberobello (Trulli Town) 

Trullis are unique conic roof homes made of limestone. The homes have a whimsical, fairytale look to them that's gained the town UNESCO World Heritage status. 

Ceglie Messapica 

This was a small and lovely historic village not far from our Masseria. Though known for its mouth-watering gastronomy it is relatively obscure which was perfect, because it felt the most authentic of all the towns we visited. 

Ostuni (White City)

Ostuni is a hilltop and seaside town that stands out for its picture perfect architecture and maze of alleys and archways that are all painted in white. 


Matera is technically not in Puglia but a small city in the nearby region of Basilicata also with UNESCO World Heritage status. It is truly spectacular, especially due to the Sassi which are ancient neighborhoods made up of grottoes carved from limestone. The New York Times has a great roundup on where to stay (and what to tat) in Matera, Italy. 

Polignano a Mare 

A favorite with locals, Polignano is a seaside gem on the coast of Valle d'Itria with fantastic views of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to breathtaking beaches it has charming streets filled with shops and cafes.




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