Design your life with this exclusive collection of resources

Design your life, develop yourself, and improve your work with this exclusive collection of premium resources.

Premium personal development resources

I've created a comprehensive set of actionable resources that will help you focus on what matters most in life.

From simple living and personal style to self improvement and personal branding, this premium toolkit will empower you to make positive change. 

The premium resource membership program is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to just read about personal development but is motivated to apply the insights they learn to their life.

It is especially for active learners who desire real results and are willing to commit just a bit of effort to get what they want out of life.

I've incorporated proven principles from a variety of different disciplines into these resources — such as minimalism, philosophy, and psychology.

And, on a high level, I've oriented them around the concept of life design — helping you to envision the life you want and giving you the tools to help make that vision happen.

The membership program includes:

  • free access to most of my online courses (and discounts on others)
  • dozens of beautifully designed self improvement workbooks
  • free use images to borrow for your projects (no credit needed)
  • special offers from me as well as select brand partners 
  • private lifestyle posts not published on my main blog
  • custom resources developed within two weeks upon request 

I've tested the program with dozens of readers prior to making this announcement and have gotten feedback such as this: 

This is one of few personal development sites I’ve come across that not only tell you what to do but show you exactly how to do it. I also love your holistic approach by addressing different lifestyle areas. I feel like this is becoming my one-stop shop for personal and professional improvement.

The premium resources are refreshed with new content monthly and membership includes an instant cancellation option if you aren't satisfied. Learn more about the program to see if it's right for you.