Why the Wheel of Life is the Best Tool for Living Purposefully

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Having a purpose only gets you so far. You also need a process for fulfilling it, and a way to ensure you are continually making progress.

The Wheel of Life is one of the most powerful personal development tools I use because it does just that: it helps you map out each area of your life and easily evaluate whether it's in line with your overarching vision.

You can view and download a simple example of the Wheel of Life in my free resource library. 

There are core themes that make up your entire life including: 

  • Relationships — family, friends, and romance
  • Career — education, work, entrepreneurship
  • Health — physical and mental well-being
  • Finances — money matters and security
  • Interests — culture, fun, and recreation
  • Growth — spiritual or philosophical beliefs

If any of those areas are significantly out of balance it can hinder your ability to realize your overarching vision or purpose.

For instance if you are constantly sluggish and groggy because you don't get enough rest, then you are neglecting the theme of health. That neglect impacts other areas (such as career) and hinders you from realizing your potential. 

Different themes may need different amounts of attention at different times so a great way to stay on track is to schedule time (perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis) to review your life wheel.

When you review your wheel you will think about each of your life themes and rank them (from 1-10, 10 being the highest) according to how happy you are with them and how well they are aligning with your ideal life.

It's not about having a perfect 10 within each dimension of your wheel: it's about recognizing whether a particular theme needs attention and development because it disproportionately distracts or hinders your progress.

I encourage you to carve out an hour this week to create your wheel of life.

If you've already become a member of the premium resource platform then you can login and access my 3-page Wheel of Life workbook. It includes:

  • guidance on how to determine your most important life themes
  • recommendations on how to map your themes to your life's purpose
  • directions on how to use the ranking system to evaluate each theme
  • tips on what to do when a particular theme is off-balance or out-of-sync
  • a blank printable wheel you can fill in with your own themes and rankings

This tool is what helped me realize that a traditional 9-to-5 job in an office setting was not a conducive environment for nurturing my creative aspirations — and it helped me put a plan in place to address that issue. 

It has been around for over 1000 years (having roots in Buddhism). When I was first introduced to it during my own life coach training program, I was shocked that such a simple little tactic could yield such profound results. 

You will be too.

The wheel of life is a way to fulfill your purpose and accomplish your goals in a healthy and wholistic way. It ensures you stay focused as well as balanced by carefully considering how all of your different life themes work together. 

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Work on Your Wheel of Life

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