Less vs. More Equilibrium

This is an interesting essay and discussion that explores the tension between less and more. The author asks an excellent follow up question: 

There seems to be a “grass is greener” tension between the Amish and non-Amish. Non-Amish flock to all things Amish in an attempt to capture yesterday’s simplicity, while the Amish lurch haltingly towards technology, thinking things might be better if they had just a little more. Is there some mythical middle ground that we'd all be happiest living? Which is it? 

If there is a solution to this tension it definitely is not force-fitting ourselves into arbitrary “simple living” or “minimalist lifestyle” rules, or thinking that adopting the ascetic practices of any one community will solve all of our problems. To me, each individual’s less/more equilibrium can only be found through a personal exploration of what truly makes them happy. 

Is there some mythical middle ground that we’d all be happiest living? 

Minimalist living has become a trend that’s dominated by a plethora of bloggers and so-called simple living gurus who push out all sorts of posts, guidebooks, and instruction manuals with content that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. To see a plain community such as the Amish struggle with the concept of minimalism, is testament to the fact that there are no one-size-fits-all rules. 

Your simplicity journey is your own. You can find inspiration and borrow ideas from here and there but ultimately you are the craftsman of your life. 

LifeAja Nicole Edmond