On Natural Beauty

I don’t wear makeup. One — because it over complicates my very simple getting ready routine. Two — because it’s a pain to remove (which makes me think it must be doing more damage than good). Three — because for some reason I prefer the way I look without it. Even though I look washed out, unpolished, and not as pretty than with it on.

I’m fortunate to have good skin and to apparently look 10 years younger than I am (as I’m constantly told). But now that I’m in my 30s I can’t deny the expression lines, the under eye darkness, and the fact that post any kind of drinking, bad eating, or late night out my skin can’t rebound as well and will bare it all.

However, despite becoming more self-conscious about my looks as I age I’m clinging to a different kind of remedy than most of my peers. I’m more eager to embrace who I am, imperfections and all. I’d rather cringe at this unadorned face in the mirror than camouflage it.

Line drawing by artist Boris Schmitz

StyleAja Nicole Edmond