Curator Notes Edition-1

An edited selection of books, articles, videos, and other content I lingered on and considered. 

How to Make a Nation

Given the state of politics in the U.S. and abroad we're devouring content on government, including this guide by Monocle. 

Japan's Form of Minimalism

Japan has taken the minimalist trend to a new level. Insider provides a look inside the stark aesthetic of several homeowners. The bar has been raised. 

Leo Babauta is Challenged  

Penelope Trunk warns us not to be so quick to adopt the philosophy of Leo Babauta and other so-called minimalist gurus. It's a refreshing counter argument. 

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

What's the opposite of minimalism? GQ does a comparison by showcasing the far end of the spectrum – maximalism. See examples and choose your side.

The Case Against Minimalist Living

Read why this writer is turning her back on the trend. You may not agree but her case provides an interesting perspective on the tradeoffs of living simply.   

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