Curator Notes Edition-5

An edited selection of books, articles, videos, and other content I lingered on and considered. 

In an era of #fakenews and #alternativefacts I think it is important to consume information from several content sources in order to get a wholistic understanding of all sides of a topic and better inform your individual perspective. As such, I thought I'd share a shortlist of some of my favorite news, blogs, and publications by category. Bookmark it as I'll update this list periodically. 


Aeon – go-to for ideas on the big questions in life and culture  

The Atlantic – well-written commentary on pressing societal topics 

The Idler – self-proclaimed literary magazine for loafers 

Lapham's Quarterly – curates historical pieces to illuminate the present


Axios – smart and impartial soundbites on trending topics 

Mother Jones – independent, in-depth investigative journalism 


Fast Company – noteworthy happenings in innovation and technology 

Harvard Business Review –  ideas and advice on strategy and leadership

Quartz – intelligent journalism that prioritizes mobile consumption  


99U – content that empowers creatives 

Gentlewoman – style magazines that celebrates women of purpose

Vestoj – an academic journal on sartorial matters 


Cereal – minimalist editorials on travel and style 

Kinfolk – an elevated living publication for the creative class 

Travel Almanac – a magazine for the post-tourist 


NPR – for breaking national and world news that's relatively unbiased 

NYT (Opinion) – when I want a well thought-out biased perspective


Illustration by Saul Steinberg