Curator Notes Edition-6

An edited selection of books, articles, videos, and other content I lingered on and considered. 


Crissy Teigen on Postpartum Depression – Glamour 

When most people think of postpartum depression they likely think of a crazy woman who tries to kill her children. Crissy dispels the myths and courageously opens up about her personal experience. 

Democrats need a new strategy – hbr

A very insightful article on exactly what democrats will need to do to block Trump. My opinion: do all of this plus keep focusing on Russia. 

The Creative Conundrum – 99U

The author reflects on his personal experience with the crossroads many creatives find themselves at: pursue your art or get a "real" job. 

What Cats Can Teach Us – New Statesman

An interesting piece about things we can learn from cats particularly their adaptability, keen sense of self, and ability to be content. 

Why Utopia Communities Fail – Aeon 

I found this to be a fascinating profile of intentional communities and why, like startups, the majority of them fail. 


Image by Damien Tran. Read past editions of Curator Notes.