Personal Growth e-Course Gift Bundle

Personal Growth e-Course Gift Bundle


Give the Gift of Personal Growth

The best gifts are those with lasting effects. For the motivated learner, this bundle of personal and professional development courses will impart actionable insights that'll yield life-long benefits. 

You can gift a 4-course bundle at a complimentary 25% discount. And if you want to purchase the bundle for yourself, that's ok too!

After you purchase the gift, you'll receive an order confirmation email with a beautifully designed gift note that provides e-course enrollment instructions. You can print or forward it directly to your recipient. 


The bundles includes: 



If your recipient is one of the 50-70 million people who don't get enough sleep, this is the perfect gift for them.

This 14-day online course will educate them about the benefits of sleep, and provide them with solutions to help them improve both the quality and duration of their sleep.  

The Sleep Basics e-Course »



In this course, your recipient will build their very own capsule wardrobe — a thoughtfully assembled collection of timeless pieces that work seamlessly together, allowing them to easily create outfits they love from a small number of high-quality items.  

They will save more time, spend more wisely, and increase their confidence with a streamlined signature style. Most of all, they'll never worry about what to wear again. 

The Streamline Your Style e-Course » 



The Minimalism Challenge is a one-year course sent via 52 easy to implement weekly email lessons. Your recipient will be exposed to common (and not so common) principles of minimalism and learn how to apply them to different areas of their life. 

The Minimalism Challenge » 



Your recipient will learn how to build a best-in-class individual or business brand from scratch, without spending a fortune.

No matter if they are a student, professional, freelancer, or entrepreneur, they'll be guided through the fundamentals of a simple and effective framework. 

By the end of the course they'll have crafted their entire brand strategy: vision, value, voice, and visuals. 

The Simplify Your Brand e-Course »



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