Welcome! I'm Aja and I created this platform for professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs who want to build profitable businesses and fulfilling careers that support their ideal lifestyle. 

Do you want to earn a living doing work you love?

Do you want to have impact and influence? 

Do you want to pursue your talent and ideas? 

Do you want to create a fulfilling lifestyle?

Do you want to live more intentionally?

Do you want to focus on what matters?

Then you are in the right place.

Here you'll find insights and resources on life coaching and "life design" — the process of finding freedom, fulfillment, and financial success. 

Designers. Developers. Diplomats. Doctors ... whoever you are and whatever you do, your knowledge and drive is the lifeblood of our global society. 

But I bet you have self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and activities that prevent you from moving forward. I'm here to help you identify and overcome whatever is blocking or stopping you.  

By combining principles of beauty, simplicity, and creativity, I craft personal development tools that motivate you to move upward and onward. 

Whether you want to improve yourself, develop your personal brand, or finally launch that business idea (you've been pushing aside for too long) — consider me your partner in success. 

My mission is to help you evaluate, elevate, and express yourself (and your work) through my carefully crafted programs fine-tuned to your unique needs. 

About Me

I can relate to your challenges. Not too long ago I lived a quite successful but unfulfilling life. I had a stellar academic and professional background yet still felt mediocre. Something was missing.

I launched my career in finance then transitioned to fashion and luxury marketing. Those jobs were satisfying in a sense but didn't really didn’t sync up with the vision I had for my life. 

To help sort out my personal and professional vision, I attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business. There I immersed myself in a customized curriculum that served as the foundation of what I'm doing now.

I took multidisciplinary courses with quirky names like Interpersonal Dynamics, Design Thinking, Creative Writing, Power and Influence, Self and Leadership Coaching, Formation of New Ventures, Strategic Communication, Moral and Spiritual Inquiry through Literature, and Lives of Consequence (my favorite). 

These diverse fields of study pulled from psychology, sociology, philosophy, strategy, and more. They ultimately inspired me to determine a purpose (what I'm doing now) that would allow me the freedom and flexibility to do more meaningful work.

Fast forward and I have the best purpose ever: helping you pursue yours.