Develop your vision

What if you could do the work you love, live the life you desire, all while having an impact on thousands of people? 

I've built a community of engaged readers (like you) who are eager to consume my ideas. As a result, I earn an income from individuals and brands who find my work and want to learn from or partner with me. 

I no longer have a "9-to-5" job which gives me the flexibility to create my own schedule and travel or live anywhere in the world. 

But life wasn't always this ideal. It wasn't until I developed a clear vision that things got interesting ...

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I went to business school at Stanford after a few unfulfilling years working in finance. I used those amazing two years to create a philosophy and plan for my life.

Of course I graduated, got nervous about not making money, and ended up working as a fashion marketing executive in New York!

It wasn't a bad move. I loved the city and even met a nice guy, but kept having a nagging feeling that I'd never be satisfied if I didn't at least try to carry out my plan.

My partner is German and was in the states on a diplomatic assignment so when his post was up we had the big relationship talk: does he stay in the states or do I move with him back to Europe? Or do we split? We said we’d think about it and regroup in a few weeks.

Yet, when I walked into the office the next day and stared at my soulless desk under the assault of artificial lights I made a spontaneous decision right then and there:

I'm leaving Corporate America. I’m going to Europe with this wonderful person and will use the adventure as an opportunity to carry out my plan.

I called a meeting with my boss and put in my notice on the spot. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life – despite the financial, professional, and personal risks.

We took a year-long sabbatical and traveled to half a dozen countries on our bucket lists. Then we settled in Berlin and I started a successful brand strategy consultancy and launched this blog as an outlet to reach others who have similar aspirations.

Everyday I honestly feel like I’m living a dream – and I want you to know that you can live yours.

  • You can live with purpose.
  • You can choose the work you are passionate about.
  • You can share your ideas with the world.
  • You can create your own schedule.
  • You can travel the world or work from wherever you want.
  • You can feel fulfilled with what you spend your time doing.

Most importantly, you can overcome the distractions and self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and activities that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose.

Just take the first step by accessing my guide for developing your life vision. This one exercise was enough to change the way I thought about myself, the life I wanted, and the value I was eager to give others.