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Unlock this exclusive collection that contains dozens of tools and resources that will help you focus on what matters most in your life. 



Your membership includes this valuable set of resources and is updated with fresh tools every month.



The following courses (which are normally $29) are included in your membership: Streamline Your Style, Simplify Your Brand,  Sleep Basics, Location Independence, and Conscious Living. 

You will also receive a 20% discount on these premium courses: The Minimalism Challenge (normally $49), Effortless Health (normally $49), and Soul-Searching Strategy (normally $99). 


As a premium member you will receive a 20% discount on all personalized programs and custom services (including an ongoing discount on one-on-one coaching sessions). 


Dozens of exclusive guides, workbooks, worksheets, and planners, to help you develop each area of your life such as work, wellness, finances, style, environment, relationships, and overall development.  


Special brand offers and discounts available exclusively for members (in the U.S. and internationally). 


Curated and original imagery you can freely use (without credit) in your personal or professional projects. 


A set of private lifestyle posts not published on my main blog. Discussing simple living, personal style, personal development, and much more. 


Content available in multiple formats (video, audio, pdf, and more) and easily accessible on all devices. 


Automatic email alerts when new materials are added each month. 


Suggestion box to submit questions you want answered or custom resources you'd like added. 


You can cancel your membership at anytime with my 100% refund guarantee (no questions asked).



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This is one of few personal development sites I’ve come across that not only tell you what to do but show you exactly how to do it. I also love your holistic approach by addressing different lifestyle areas. I feel like this is becoming my one-stop shop for personal and professional improvement.
— Kevin, Freelancer & Solopreneur (SF)
Are you sure there’s only one person behind all of this? I can’t understand how you’ve managed to singlehandedly create such an incredible set of resources. It’s like a bottomless pit — but in a good way!
— Maria, Marketing Executive (NYC)
I’ve been carving out an hour a day to work through your resources and I’m already seeing the results. Thank you for this. P.S. Glad I locked in before you raised your prices because I’m pretty sure you won’t be offering this membership at such a low rate for long (haha).
— Hans, Grad School Student (Berlin)
Kudos to you for creating such a beautiful site. Seems like you have such a positive spirit and I’ve enjoyed following your work. Just wanted to say that your resource library went above and beyond what I was expecting. A fabulous collection of tools.
— Dr. Angela W., Surgeon/Physician (UK)

membership Plans

Priced accessibly for all with easy cancellation


$0 free membership

✓ Free for life
✓ Select guides
✓ Occasional updates
✗ No access to courses
✗ No programs discount
✗ No brand offers
✗ No free use images
✗ No custom requests
✗ No exclusive articles


$19 monthly membership

✓ Easy cancellation
✓ All guides
✓ Monthly updates
✓ Access to courses
✓ Programs discount
✓ Brand offers
✓ Free use images
✓ Custom requests
✓ Exclusive articles


$99 annual membership

✓ Over 55% savings
✓ Easy cancellation
✓ All guides
✓ Monthly updates
✓ Access to courses
✓ Programs discount
✓ Brand offers
✓ Free use images
✓ Custom requests
✓ Exclusive articles


Membership FAQs


Who is a membership designed for?

The membership program is perfect for anyone who doesn't just like reading about personal development but likes to apply the insights they learn to their life. It is designed for active learners who desire real results and are willing to commit just a bit of effort to get what they want out of life.

I have incorporated proven principles from a variety of different disciplines into these resources — such as minimalism, philosophy, and psychology.

On a high level I'm focused on the concept of life design — that is empowering you to envision the life you want and giving you the tools to help make that vision happen.

How do the "free" and "premium" resources differ?

The free resource library includes a small selection of guides to help you make the most out of select editorials. It is only a taste of what you receive with the premium resource repository and does not include: access to my online courses, free-use images, and special brand offers.

The premium repository of resources (available with a monthly or annual plan) is 5X the size and 10X the value of my free resource set. It is refreshed with new content monthly and includes access to all of my online courses, free-use images, and special brand offers, as well as dozens of other materials you can't find anywhere else on my site.

What forms of payment do you take?

Your subscription can be paid via Paypal or any major credit card and is processed safely via Stripe.

What if I'm not satisfied?

You can manage your account within the membership page and cancel at anytime (no questions asked). If you are on the annual plan you'll receive a pro-rated refund. If you are on a monthly plan you'll continue to have membership access up until the month you paid but won't be renewed going forward.

I have more questions!

I'm here to answer them! Contact me at