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Don't Just Survive, Thrive

While surviving is just existing, thriving is continuous growth and progress — and the difference comes down to your way of thinking. If you want to live a more fulfilling life and run a more successful business, the most important change you can make is to develop a growth mindset. 

Individuals with growth mindsets see and pursue potential. They believe they can improve themselves and their work with smart strategies, good habits, and well-placed investments in their future. Do you want to thrive by building a growth mindset? Then unlock this exclusive collection of over $2000 in tools and resources that will help you develop each area of your life including your business. 


Ready to commit to personal & business growth? 

Get ready to fulfill your full personal and business growth potential with this exclusive collection of tools.


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Complimentary enrollment in my online courses including:

Simplify Your Brand 

The Minimalism Challenge

The Self-Care Challenge

This is one of few personal development sites I’ve come across that not only tell you what to do but show you exactly how to do it. I also love your holistic approach by addressing different lifestyle areas. I feel like this is becoming my one-stop shop for personal and professional improvement.
— Kevin, Freelancer & Solopreneur (SF)
Are you sure there’s only one person behind all of this? I can’t understand how you’ve managed to singlehandedly create such an incredible set of resources. It’s like a bottomless pit — but in a good way!
— Maria, Marketing Executive (NYC)
I’ve been carving out an hour a day to work through your resources and I’m already seeing the results. Thank you for this.
— Hans, Grad School Student (Berlin)
Kudos to you for creating such a beautiful site. Seems like you have such a positive spirit and I’ve enjoyed following your work. Just wanted to say that your resource library went above and beyond what I was expecting. A fabulous collection of tools.
— Dr. Angela W., Surgeon & Business Owner (UK)

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How do I benefit from these resources?

If you want to live a more fulfilling life and run a more successful business, the most important change you can make is to develop a growth mindset.

If you are eager to elevate the way you approach your life and work then digging into these resources is an excellent way to start.

How does it work, what can I expect?

I will send you a welcome email with details on how to enroll in the membership and access the resource library. Once you checkout you will be given instant access to an exclusive members-only page with all the content.

What is the investment and refund policy?

The resource library is available for only a small investment of $29 per month or lifetime access of $199. Refunds aren't available however you cancel your monthly membership at any time.

How are you qualified to assist me?

I'm an intuitive and strategic business coach with 13+ years experience, an MBA from Stanford University, and a roster of hundreds of clients (including dozens of Fortune 500 and iconic brands like Disney, Ralph Lauren, eBay, JPMorgan and more).

Throughout my career I've been responsible for directly driving over $50 million in revenue for the companies I've worked for or advised.

I'm also an entrepreneur and have generated a quarter of a million in sales, grants, and funding for my various ventures. So I coach and consult from direct experience not theory.

Currently my mission is to support as many fellow independent spirits in launching and growing businesses to six-figures and beyond while achieving freedom, fulfillment and financial success.

At the end of the day I want you to make a living doing work you love so you have autonomy to design the life you want to live.

I have more questions!

I'm here to answer them! Contact me with any questions.


Your Business Coach

Hi! I'm Aja, a business and financial coach who draws from my 13+ years experience as a business strategist and marketing executive for dozens of iconic and Fortune 500 firms as well as high growth startups and emerging brands. These include Disney, Ralph Lauren, Procter & Gamble, eBay, Burberry, Gilt and many more. 

I'm also a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of ventures including a personal growth platform that reaches over 100,000 individuals. Some of my ventures have failed while others succeeded but in just a few years I've generated three-quarters of a million dollars in revenue, sales, grants and funding. This has given me a firsthand perspective on what works (and doesn't) in running a small business so I coach not from theory but personal experience. 

Prior to becoming a coach and entrepreneur, I began my career in investment banking and investment management then started working as a business executive at some of the largest companies in the world. This experience has allowed me to run billion dollar brands and portfolios and be directly responsible for driving over $50 million in new revenue. 

As a result, I have strong business, financial, and marketing savviness and know how to scale businesses fast. The strategies, processes, and tactics I'll use to help grow your business are proven — as they are repurposed from the methods I created and applied while working for and advising some of the largest and most iconic brands in the world. 

Additionally, I'll teach you what most employees don't know but what every entrepreneur most learn to be successful: how to develop a wealth mindset. No school or job instills this in you. In fact, it took a couple of years of struggle as a business owner before I truly understood how to create value and be compensated for it. 

As your coach, I'll impart my personal lessons so you'll avoid common pitfalls and grow your ventures even faster than I did mine. If you're ready to get out of survival mode and build a business that thrives, let's get started! 

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