Business Blueprints: Strategic Evaluation & Action Plans

Business Blueprints: Strategic Evaluation & Action Plans

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Personalized Guidance

Get a customized strategic evaluation and action plan to help you reach your business goal or overcome a business challenge.

This is a special opportunity to get personalized strategic guidance from me at only a fraction of the cost of my one-on-one coaching program.

If you are hitting a wall then one of my business blueprints may be right for you.I will analyze the part of your business you are struggling with and send a short, simple and sweet strategic "how-to" plan with specific ideas and clear direction on how to move forward.

Please see more information below for one of the four strategic areas I have over 13+ years of experience in. You can choose from either of these blueprints according to your needs.

Details & Disclaimers

My business blueprints are a great way to get outside guidance from a skilled business strategist at a relatively quick turnaround and affordable rate.If you want quick and clear guidance on how to move forward in your overall Business, Marketing, Branding or Content strategy this would be a great fit.

A form will be provided at checkout to collect information about your business or idea. The more thorough you are in the detail you provide me, the easier it will be to give you useful and relevant guidance.

Your blueprint will be completed and emailed back to you within 7-10 business days.

Note that my advice should not be treated as the sole answer to your business challenges and I am not responsible for how you implement this advice nor the outcomes.

When I work with established, iconic and Fortune 500 brands I charge anywhere from $2500 to upwards of $10000 for this type of strategic guidance.

I'm providing these blueprints at a substantially reduced rate (only $299) in order to serve as many entrepreneurs in my community as possible — many who don't have access to quality counsel due to budget or other constraints.

As a result of the time it takes to complete these blueprints and the incredible value they offer, refunds are not available.

Background & Experience

I'm an intuitive and strategic business coach with 13+ years experience, an MBA from Stanford University, and a roster of hundreds of clients (including dozens of Fortune 500 and iconic brands like Disney, Ralph Lauren, eBay, JPMorgan and more).

Throughout my career I've been responsible for directly driving over $50 million in revenue for the companies I've worked for or advised.

I'm also an entrepreneur and have generated a quarter of a million in sales, grants, and funding for my various ventures. So I coach and consult from direct experience not theory.

Currently my mission is to support as many fellow independent spirits in launching and growing businesses to six-figures and beyond while achieving freedom, fulfillment as well as financial success.

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Want to launch your idea fast and need a road map but don't have time to spend months pulling together a complex business plan (that you probably won't even use)? Unless you are a startup trying to convince investors to give you millions in funding, you don't need a convoluted business plan. 

Using the information you send me about your idea, I will evaluate your business model and send back a mini 2-3 page easy-to-follow business plan designed to help you get going asap. The strategy will include recommendations on:

  • Planning and Assessment — a short evaluation of your industry including market opportunity and competitive landscape 
  • Persona and Targets — the niche customer segments within the industry you should target
  • Positioning and Value — a unique value proposition (USP) to help you stand out and attract your target 
  • Product Strategy — the high value products or services you should create to best serve your target
  • Pricing Strategy — how to price your high value products and services in order to turn a profit 


Are you spending a disproportionate amount of time and effort trying to find customers for your business to no avail? I'll create a promotional plan designed to help you attract your perfect customer.

Your perfect customer is the one whose needs and wants are aligned with your purpose, what you want to create, and the value you want to add — the one who you know your business can deliver outstanding results for. 

I will clarify who is the best fit for you and provide recommendations on how to draw them in a more effortless way so you can stop running after ill-fitted customers who won't be loyal to you or evolve your business over the long run.The strategy will include recommendations on:

  • Target Niche — a detailed summary of the demographic and psychographic make up of your target customer. 
  • Customer Persona — a detailed representation of your target customer to keep handy when making marketing decisions.
  • Sales Funnel — a step-by-step outline for how to attract, nurture and convert your perfect customers. 


There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions that prevail as it pertains to branding. So let me quickly dispel the myth: you need to take your business or personal brand just as serious as you take your product or service (if not more).

Ideas come a dime or dozen. Just about every market is saturated with good ideas. If you want your idea to stand out and your business to thrive in the midst of the competition you need to emotionally resonate with a niche audience and showcase how you are uniquely qualified to serve them. 

Using the information you send me about your business, I will send you a custom brand strategy based on my 4-step branding framework.The strategy will include recommendations on:

  • Brand Vision — clearly communicating why you exist and what you stand for, and how that drives the specific goals you want to achieve in your business.
  • Brand Value —  what you have to offer that is unique, important, and relevant in the eyes of the consumer. Specifically addressing the most pressing consumer needs, problems, or desires and getting at the heart of why you or your business should be chosen over others.
  • Brand Voice — So you are purposeful in your manner of communication I'll outline  what you say, how you say it, and the feeling it conveys. I'll also carefully craft a distinct prose that engages, inspires, motivates, influences, and establishes trust.
  • Brand Visuals — The visible elements of your brand impart a symbolic meaning that goes beyond what words alone can express. I'll provide recommendations on how to approach your visual identity as it sets the foundation necessary for your brand to be distinguishable, recognizable, and relatable.


A content strategy is the development and management of media — articles, images, videos, etc. — that you distribute across specific channels in order to attract, educate, and engage your target audience.

It can take a lot of resources to consistently produce and promote content. All businesses should have a strong online presence and need a plan to help them use content to get reliable and cost-effective website traffic and customer leads. The strategy will include recommendations on:

  • Content Objectives — a clearly defined set of goals for what your content should help your business achieve. 
  • Content Topics — a set list of topics or features your content should consistently address (based on the relevant needs and interests of your target audience). 
  • Content Formats — how your features should be formatted (e.g. articles, videos, etc.) so they are best communicated and easily consumed by your target audience.
  • Content Channels — where you should distribute your content (e.g. website, social, etc.) and a consistent cadence for scheduling/posting on these channels. 
  • Content Metrics — what metrics to monitor and how to improve your content plan according to performance.