The Self-Care Challenge

Take the confusion and complexity out of managing your well-being with this integrative and holistic health and wellness program.

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Odds are, you Don't have a solid self-care routine ... that’s likely because you don't know what it means to be healthy.  

  • Less than 3% of people are living a healthy lifestyle¹ 
  • Over 80% of people are confused about what a healthy lifestyle is²
  • Tens of millions of people worldwide die from preventable conditions³

The Self-Care Challenge is a minimalist well-being program that clears up the confusion and helps you make relatively small lifestyle changes that bring about significant improvements to your overall health. 

The holistic program is built around 11 topics that correspond to 11 of the most important elements of health and wellness. 

Each topic offers an easy and efficient action plan for setting and achieving moderate goals. 

The content draws from both mainstream and alternative concepts and therapies, for an integrative approach to enhancing your physical and mental health.  

Moreover, the Self-Care Challenge is built on science-backed studies derived from reputable health and wellness authorities. 



The topics covered in this program correspond to the 11 most important elements of a self-care routine. 

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Just like any other human being, you have an innate drive to survive and thrive.

Surviving is living or existing, while thriving is developing and progressing in life.

Though the terms health and wellness are often used interchangeably they actually mean different things. 

To distinguish them, health is what you need to survive, and wellness as what you need to thrive.

The 11 pillars covered in the Self-Care Challenge correspond to the most important elements of health (surviving) and wellness (thriving). 


  • Eat Healthy
  • Sleep Better
  • Hydrate Enough
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Manage Stress
  • Avoid Vices
  • Get Checkups
  • Stay Safe 


  • Be Mindful
  • Pursue Purpose
  • Create Balance


How the Self-Care Challenge is structured and what you can expect from it.


The program is structured into three components (Educate, Evaluate, Implement) designed to help you set and reach a health and wellness goal within one month. 


The program kicks off with an 11-day educational e-course to jumpstart your personal resolution to live healthier by familiarizing you with each of the 11 core pillars of health and wellness. 

This e-course introduces actionable ways to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health by summarizing the most pertinent concepts from each topic. 

The e-course is delivered in an email format, however all of the information sent via email is also accessible on the course platform. 


It’s not feasible to try to improve every aspect of your well-being at one time. That’s why this program includes an evaluation tool to help you prioritize where to start. 

At any point you’ll be able to take the health and wellness assessment to help you determine the goal you want to focus on. The evaluation tool will recommend which of the 11 pillars to start with. 

After working on a pillar, you can retake the assessment to determine a new goal. 


After the education and evaluation sections, you’ll be ready to move into implementation. 

Each of the 11 pillars includes step-by-step action plans for setting and accomplishing specific goals.  Since it takes 21 days to make (or break) a habit, it’s recommended that you devote this time  to working on one goal.  

For example, if your priority is to drink more water, you'll simply navigate to the “Hydrate Enough” pillar on the course system and follow the plan for building better habits in this particular area. 

If you want to go beyond the action plan and set/achieve more aggressive goals, you’ll have access to a repository of supplemental resources that will guide you to the right place for reliable information (vs. you having to do the research yourself).

These resources include reading recommendations and services from the most reputable authorities on a given topic (e.g. books, articles, apps, websites, podcasts, etc.). 


This program automatically includes free access to the Sleep Basics e-course (a $29 value). 

Since lack of sleep is an epidemic in many western countries (70M people are sleep deprived in the U.S. alone⁴), I created a comprehensive supplement to dive deeper into this issue. 


There’s a lot of inaccurate and confusing information out there. Material in this program is based on science-backed studies from authoritative health and wellness sources such as these. 



I followed the generic health recommendations we all hear — eat healthy and exercise — and only thought about my health once a year at my annual checkup. Little did I know that there’s so much more to looking out for my well-being than this half-hearted approach. Aja’s program is simple but also comprehensive. It helps you answer the question we all think we know (but really don’t): what does it mean to be healthy?
— Lisa K., Entrepreneur in SF Bay
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Modern times have brought us modern conveniences that have improved our lives in many ways — but not without tradeoffs. 

As a result, self-care is a dilemma for millions of people — and the available body of knowledge only causes confusion that often leads to harmful actions with good intentions — or worse, inaction. 

With this program you’ll be empowered to take action and exert control over the factors that impact your well-being with: 

  • An integrative roadmap for managing all aspects health and wellness 
  • A simple method for setting and prioritizing your personal goals 
  • A clear and concise set of science-backed recommendations 
  • A set of step-by-step action plans for each of the pillars 

Take full Control of Your well-being Now

Effortlessly manage your health and wellness by enrolling with one of the following options.

Course Only

Instant access to the challenge including exclusive bonus and 100% satisfaction guarantee for $49


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Lifetime access to all courses plus exclusive resources & brand offers for one payment of $199

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How is this program different?

This well-structured program format does a better job than a book or blog post at providing you with a holistic and integrative understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Moreover, it removes the complexity and confusion by giving you step-by-step action plans for reaching specific health goals. You can preview the course page here.

Who is this program for?

The course is for anyone who wants to take control of their well-being, particularly if:

  • You believe there's more you can be doing to manage your health but don't know where to start.
  • You've been overwhelmed, confused, or misled by health advice in the past.
  • You've usually thought about isolated issues and symptoms, but never considered a holistic approach.
  • You need to establish or recommit to your health resolutions (and want to follow through this time).
  • You want to establish a strong foundation for personal growth and understand that surviving and thriving go hand-in-hand

How long does it take?

The program is designed to educate you about the core pillars of health and wellness and help you set and reach a specific goal within 30 days.

Is the information reliable?

The program provides science-backed recommendations drawn from research produced or published by the most reputable health institutions. These include Harvard University, National Institutes of Health, and WebMD to name a few.

That said, this program can not take the place of specialized diagnosis, treatment, or counseling from a licensed physician.

Source of statistics on this page?

  1. Most people aren’t living healthy
  2. People don’t know what “healthy” means
  3. Tens of millions die form preventable conditions
  4. Lack of sleep is an epidemic

What if I'm not satisfied?

I offer a 30-day no risk and no questions asked guarantee.

I have more questions!

I'm here to answer them! Contact me at


Program Author

Aja Nicole Edmond

Former fashion executive turned minimalist living blogger and life design consultant.

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Hi, I’m Aja! I’m a former marketing executive turned creative entrepreneur and life design consultant focused on helping thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs (like you) develop personally and professionally. 

I've built a community of over 75,000 readers and my work has been featured in sites such as Fast Company, Thrive Global, and HuffPost. 

My mission for this website is to support you in creating a life you love by doing your best work and becoming your best self.

I accomplish that by helping you identify and alleviate self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and activities that prevent you from thriving. 

Of all the different ways in which you can develop yourself, health and wellness should be the priority. Because if you don't feel good in your body or mind you simply cannot thrive (or survive, to be frank). 

This course took over a year to create because of the rigorous researching and fact-checking to build the 11 pillars framework, but also because I wanted to personally experiment with the recommendations for each pillar. 

That way I can say, I walk the talk. In addition to only including science-backed information, I was the guinea pig for everything that’s discussed in this program. 

My desire to prioritize my well-being — by using the 11 pillars of a self-care routine — has been life-changing. I’m confident you’ll experience profound results as well.