Brand Strategy & Identity

Brand Strategy & Identity

from 2,900.00

I will create your entire brand strategy and visual identity by using my "4Vs" framework – Vision, Value, Voice, Visuals – and compile into a brand book you and your team can use to guide communication across all channels. Includes the creation of a simple 2-3 page website and/or blog. 



Who are you, what you stand for, what you aspire to achieve (i.e. purpose), and who you want to target.


What's unique about you and what value can you add to your target audience such that they would want to follow, support, and buy from you.


How you communicate such that it engages, inspires, motivates, influences, persuades, and establishes trust with your target audience. 


What visible elements of your personal or business brand you will use to establish a distinct visual identity and be recognizable and relatable. 


A brand book that clearly communicates your 4Vs including copy guidelines, style guidelines, and visual identity (your fonts (header, sub-header, and body), logo (2 designs), and color palette). A simple 2-3 page website and/or blog that showcases your brand. 


15 Days  


Prior to the start of the project I will send a questionnaire with important client intake information. Upon completing the intake form we'll kick-off the project with a 45-60 minute call via phone, Skype or Hangouts. 

Once we agree on the scope, deliverables, and timeline I will send a contract and start work upon receiving a signed copy. 


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