Sponsorship Program

If you believe your brand offering would resonate with my readers, I'd be thrilled to consider a partnership!

Though our partnership can be customized, my standard sponsorship package is $5590 and consists of the following: 

  • An in-depth beautifully written evergreen article featuring your brand 
  • Secondary integration in another evergreen green article via a mention
  • Gorgeous bespoke imagery that features or references your offering 
  • A dedicated email about your brand and offering sent to my newsletter 
  • Promotion on my Pinterest and Instagram channels (3 posts each)


Below are examples of how I've partnered with lifestyle and service-oriented brands in the past: 


You must be a lifestyle or service-oriented brand whose offering fits well with one of my core topics: Personal Growth, Personal Style, Self-Care, Simple Living, Business and Entrepreneurship, Travel and Lifestyle. 

Your online brand presence must be well-designed and your offering must have great reviews (if applicable) as my audience has discerning taste and I'm committed to only recommending high-quality products and experiences. 

Your product or service must be one that I currently use or would use myself (as determined by you providing a sample, prototype, or some other way for me to experience it prior to promoting).  


I have a diverse global audience of over 100,000 thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs split equally amongst men and women and with a particular concentration in major cities within the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the UK.

Though the average age range is late 20s to early 40s I also have a significant population of young students and older professionals. 

I average 100,000 page views on my website and have 75,000 social media followers and email subscribers.  


Your brand will be exposed to smart, talented, and highly engaged community of individuals who are devoted to self-motivation, self-care, self-image, simple living, and similar personal or professional pursuits.  

My collaborations are most relevant to businesses looking to build awareness, education, or recognition around their brand or offerings. I present your brand in a tasteful manner by seamlessly and thoughtfully integrating your offering into my content. 

Getting Started

Please submit an inquiry so I can learn more about your brand or business and set up a call to further discuss. 

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