Build Your LIfestyle Business, Blog Or Brand

No matter if you want to travel the world as a digital nomad or have the freedom to work from home, you can launch a business, blog, or personal brand that supports your vision.

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Don't KEEP dreaming about it — build it now. 

Whether you want to work from home to have more time with family, escape the stuffy office environment for that cool local cafe, or establish an online presence that gives you credibility  — you need a plan for how you are going to make it happen. 

The future of work is steadily trending towards people seeking freedom and fulfillment instead of money and titles. For many, the first step is being able to choose where, when, and how you work. The second step, is showcasing your talent and ideas to the world. 

Unfortunately, most companies (including startups) can't provide the level of flexibility that allows you to design the scope of your role. So you are likely stuck in an office from 9 to 5 (if not longer) being told to do work that pushes someone else's agenda.

Unless you decide to do your own thing. 

This is a comprehensive consulting program designed to help you launch a profitable blog, small business, or best-in-class personal brand that helps support your personal and professional pursuits. 

I've crafted a step-by-step from idea-to-launch framework that mirrors the process I personally took to go from an unfulfilling corporate environment to launching this successful platform and building a trusted personal brand.   


From Idea to Launch

I'll work personally with you to start a blog, launch a business, or build your personal brand within 30 days.  

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Program Strategy

I'll guide you through the process of building a personal brand and/or launching a business plan or blog strategy using my design thinking methodology to increase the odds of success (according to how you define in). 
Personalized questionnaire to outline and evaluate your business, blog or personal brand initiative.

90-minute virtual strategy session to further discuss your business or blog idea or personal brand vision. 

Ideation Session —  we'll leverage a proven approach to brainstorming great ideas for how to build (or improve) your new or current blog, business, or brand, ensuring it supports the life you want to live and impact you want to have. 

Market Audit — we'll determine the market you are playing in, the audience you are trying to reach, and establish your key business and brand goals. 

Business Framework — we'll use my business plan and branding frameworks to outline the core elements and goals of your business, blog, or brand and develop an action plan for achieving them.

Business Setup — if your business website or blog currently doesn't exist, you'll receive a detailed set of instructions for getting it setup or can upgrade to my optional visual identity or website design add-on. Your personal brand includes a simple 1-2 page website design. If you already have a website or blog you'll receive guidance on key enhancements to make. 

Proof of Concept — we'll rapidly test your ideas so you know what's worth focusing on in your business or blog even before you launch it.  

Business Launch — we'll develop a promotional plan that will help you start marketing your new (or updated) business, blog, or brand to drive growth and engagement. 

Additional Resources — you'll also receive a comprehensive set of materials including a weekly milestone planner, worksheets, and more, to guide your execution as you continue shaping your business, blog, or brand after the consulting program.  


You'll receive instant lifetime access to my premium membership program (over $2000 value) which includes all of my courses, special brand offers, exclusive resources, and more. 


Get 1:1 Business, blog or brand consulting

Create and launch a profitable business, blog, or personal brand that helps you showcase your ideas and talent and live on your own terms.  

All consulting packages include program strategy and bonus offer plus 30-day turnaround


Build Your Personal Brand

Build and launch a credible personal brand including a visual identity and simple 2-3 page website for $1490


Start a Business or Blog

Launch a business or blog including a complete business plan, marketing strategy, and launch roadmap for $2490


Brand a Business or Blog

Add a complete brand design (visual identity plus website design) to your business or blog strategy for a total of $3490


Common Questions


How is this program different?

This is an intensive personal brand, business plan or blog strategy consulting service that combines your self-motivation with the aid of an experienced entrepreneur for greater idea clarity and accountability. I work directly with you to articulate your brand, blog or business idea and support you in the building and launch of it.

Who is this program for?

This program is specifically designed for anyone who is motivated to showcase their ideas and talent, do their own thing, or live on their own terms.

If you want to travel the world, work from home, build credibility or become a thought leader, develop your entepreneurial spirit, or bring to fruition an idea you've been sitting on for some time — this program is right for you.

How do I get started?

Press the Get Started button to submit an inquiry and schedule a consultation. After speaking if you decided to move forward I will send you payment instructions and the questionnaire.

Upon completion, we'll schedule our strategy call via phone, Skype or Hangouts. During this time we'll determine the dates that I'll work exclusively with you to launch your personal brand, business or blog.

Once we firm up the idea I will develop our game plan and weekly milestones and work with you step-by-step to implement them within the month.

How long does it take?

The program is designed to build and launch your brand, business or blog within 30 days. You'll also be equipped with an action plan and set of tools to empower you as you continue on your journey beyond the program.

Do you have an example of business or brand you've build?

Sure! Besides this website (which is my personal brand and business) I'm also a creative entrepreneur and have launched many of my own projects in addition to working with others to launch theirs.

A business that I recently built and branded is called The Floralogist. It's an indoor plant journal, guide, and shop designed to demystify indoor plant care and provide plant decor inspiration.

I have more questions!

I'm here to answer them! Select the Start Now button so we can chat about them.


Your Business Partner


I'm Aja, a creative entrepreneur, digital nomad, and the founder of this personal growth and professional development platform with a community of over 75,000 fellow thinkers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. 

I started my career in finance before moving on to fashion and lifestyle marketing. Though successful, I couldn't imagine a life composed of 12+ hour days half-heartedly doing work I didn't care about. 

I've worked for or advised dozens of iconic companies from J.P. Morgan Chase and Ralph Lauren to Procter & Gamble and eBay. Yet, it wasn't until I stepped away from the corporate world to build a blog and business that supported my ideal life that I felt fulfilled. 

Ever since my grandfather gifted me a subscription to the National Geographic when I was a child, I've been a bit of an explorer. In just the past year I've traveled to 15 different countries and over 185,000 km (that's roughly four times around the world).

My desire was to have the freedom and flexibility to do work that was meaningful and on my own terms. Now that I've accomplished that I'm in the position to help others do the same. 

But enough about me, what's your vision? I'm looking forward to partnering with you in building your business, blog, or brand to support it.

build your lifestyle business, blog, or brand