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My Story

A life design coach and small business consultant focused on self-care, self-motivation, self-image and simple living.

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This is a destination for fellow thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs where you'll find insights and resources on "life design" — the process of creating a life you love by doing your best work and becoming your best self. 

Designers. Developers. Diplomats. Doctors ... whoever you are and whatever you do, your knowledge and drive is the lifeblood of our global society. 

I want to help you identify and alleviate self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and activities that prevent you from influencing the world with your ideas. 

By combining principles of beauty, simplicity, and creativity, I develop content that self-motivates and empowers with resources to help you self-care, brand yourself, launch a small business, live like a minimalist, or accomplish whatever your vision of professional or personal growth may be.

My goal is to help you evaluate, elevate, and express yourself (and your work) through my complimentary and premium resources. 

No matter if you are struggling with how to create a capsule wardrobe, ways to simplify your life, or tactics to brand your small business — my actionable resources will yield powerful personal and professional results. 

About Me

I launched my career in finance then transitioned to fashion and lifestyle marketing before envisioning a fulfilling career (what I'm doing now) that would allow me the freedom and flexibility to do more meaningful work. 

To help sort out my personal and professional vision, I attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business. There I immersed myself in a customized curriculum that served as the foundation of what I'm doing now.

I took multidisciplinary courses such as Interpersonal Dynamics,  Design Thinking, Creative Writing, Power and Influence, Self and Leadership Coaching, Formation of New Ventures, Strategic Communication, Moral and Spiritual Inquiry through Literature, and Lives of Consequence (my favorite), that pulled from psychology, sociology, philosophy, strategy, and more.

These diverse fields of study — in addition to my own personal dedication to crafting a soul-searching strategy — ultimately inspired me to pursue a purpose centered around helping others pursue theirs. 

You can learn more about me, my background, and my journey, here and here as well as on my homepage


HOW TO explore

Discover a variety of personal growth and professional development resources.   

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Contextual editorials 

Visual long-form stories on personal and professional development including minimalist living, branding yourself, self-motivation, and more. 

PREMIUM Resources

Become a member and gain access to my repository of premium personal development and life design tools.  


Comprehensive step-by-step guides for deeper exploration into the topics discussed in my editorials.  

custom Programs

One-on-one coaching and custom strategies that get you from A»Z on your professional or personal goals.

Thoughtful Gifts

For the motivated learner, these giftable courses will impart actionable insights that yield lifelong benefits.

Curated Collections

An edited list of my favorite personal growth books, tools, and other essentials.



My work has been featured in a number of publications and media outlets such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Squarespace, GQ, Pop Sugar, Minimalissimo, Thrive Global, Design Taxi, Minimalism Life, and more.



I advise and collaborate with a limited number of brands. From consulting Disney on their influencer strategy to collaborating with Skagen on promoting their spring 2017 collection, I combine my decades experience working with iconic brands with my minimalist sensibility to craft strategic and creative programs that have real impact. 


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A small disclaimer

While 95% of my content is unpaid and unsponsored, this site is not just a blog but also a business. Running it requires a significant investment in time, energy, and money. Therefore, not all of my content is free.

I maintain a private members-only repository available via a subscription plan, sell digital courses, and also occasionally collaborate with brands and products that I believe are worth considering. I may also receive a small affiliate compensation for my referrals (at no cost to you). 

Unless otherwise stated, you are free to share my content (with a link back to this site). For more information please review my legal speak regarding this disclaimer as well as my site terms and privacy policy.