My Story

A content creator, brand strategist, and creative entrepreneur with a simple sensibility.

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I'm an aesthete and minimalist who creates inspirational content that empowers you to simplify and elevate your life, style, or brand.

I have a very diverse community of readers and focus on a range of topics so to help you navigate it may be helpful to understand which type of content would be most interesting to you.


Types of Content

Contextual editorials 

Visual long-form stories on minimalist style, simple living, and branding. 


Comprehensive step-by-step guides for deeper exploration into minimalism. 

PREMIUM Resources

Join my community and gain access to my repository of premium content.  

custom services

I consult and partner with lifestyle brands and creative entrepreneurs via custom advisory projects and sponsored collaborations. 

Curated Collections

An edited list of my favorite everyday essentials organized by category. 

Types of Readers 

Creative Professionals

Most of my community is made up of readers who work or run businesses in  creative and aesthetic-based fields. You'd enjoy all three of my editorial topics and courses — style, living, and branding — because they are relevant to you personally and professionally. 

Minimalist Design Enthusiasts 

You have a love of good design and very discerning taste so will appreciate reading my style editorials and courses and exploring my edited collections of elevated essentials. 

Simple Living Devotees 

You would also appreciate this site if you are interested in simple living. My long-form pieces and courses that explore minimalism as a personal development tool would be an excellent place to start. 

Individuals in Transition

My simple living and style (especially Capsule Wardrobe) editorials and courses are for you. I recognize from my own life that complexities amplify when we are entering into a new life phase. No matter if you are a new graduate, new mom, or moving to a new city, know that I have you in mind. 

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Just a note 

It's important to share that this site is not about deprivation, frugality, or other extreme forms of minimalism.

I often present brands and products that I believe are worth considering and may receive a small affiliate fee in return. I also spend months researching your challenges and create premium content as a solution. 95% of my content is unpaid and unsponsored but I will occasionally ask you to invest in a product or premium offering.

Running this site requires a significant amount of time, energy, and money, so unfortunately not everything can be given away for free. 

I respect and welcome all perspectives on minimalism, but if you're drawn to more ascetic ideals or have an aversion to being "sold to" then this site will not appeal to you! 



My work has been featured in a number of publications and media outlets such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Squarespace, GQ, Minimalissimo, Leibal, Design Taxi, Minimalism Life, and more.



I advise and collaborate with a limited number of brands. From consulting Disney on their influencer strategy to collaborating with Skagen on promoting their spring 2017 collection, I combine my decades experience working with iconic brands with my minimalist sensibility to craft strategic and creative programs that have real impact. 


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