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A content creator, brand strategist, and creative entrepreneur with a simple sensibility.

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This is a destination for fellow thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs where you'll find insights and resources on "life design" — the process of creating a life you love by doing your best work and becoming your best self. 

Designers. Developers. Diplomats. Doctors ... whoever you are and whatever you do, your knowledge and drive is the lifeblood of our global society. 

I want to help you identify and alleviate self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and activities that prevent you from influencing the world with your ideas. 

By combining principles of beauty, simplicity, and creativity, I develop content that empowers you to improve your life, style, brand, and more. 

My goal is to help you evaluate, elevate, and express yourself (and your work) through my complimentary and premium resources

No matter if you are struggling with what to wear, how to create a daily routine, ways to simplify your life, or tactics to brand your business — my actionable resources will yield powerful personal and professional results. 

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What I'm Doing Now

I heard about the idea of creating a Now vs. About page on your blog for more timely and personal updates. Love the concept so decided to borrow it. 

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This year has brought a whirlwind of travel thus far though mostly within Europe and the U.S. I just got back to Berlin but will only be here a week or two before I'm on the road again. 

So far I've been to the following in 2017 (including four weddings, my business school reunion, visits to see friends and family, and general vacation):

  • Athens, Greece
  • Berkeley, CA 
  • Chicago, IL *
  • Copenhagen, Denmark  
  • Puglia, Italy
  • Majorca, Spain *
  • New York, NY 
  • Oakland, CA 
  • Rome, Italy 
  • San Francisco, CA *
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Seattle, WA
  • Sonoma Coast, CA

(*visited 2+ times this year)  

I will publish a travel guide for Santorini and Puglia as soon as I can! Upcoming trips planned within the next three months:

  • Croatia 
  • Morocco 
  • Portugal 
  • Southern Germany 
  • US (Chicago, NYC, Houston) 

I love being on the road but this year was unusual — and it wrecked havoc on my routine and wore me down a bit physically given motion sickness (yep, total bummer) and time zone changes that upset my sleep. 

So I'm hoping to slow the pace by doing longer trips (3-4 weeks) in key places. Plus there's a lot happening with family (good and not so good) and I want to be 100% present. 

I recently took on a new project as Acting Head of Marketing for a North American fashion brand with a focus on re-branding, content and social strategy, and hiring key team members to take the company to the next level of growth.

This is a beautiful brand and the role is the epitome of the type of work I love to do. I hope to pull together a case study shortly.   

I'm also vigorously continuing to work on this site as you may have noticed! 

I'm focusing exclusively on publishing high-quality long-form articles that provide actionable insights and ideas on my core topics. That means fewer but better posts (perhaps 1-2 per week) plus the weekly memos now being sent on Sunday.  

To build community, I'm also considering launching a virtual quarterly book club in a live podcast format. More to come as I flush out this idea. 

I also finally launched The Minimalism Challenge and had the crazy idea to make it a one-year 52-week course. I've gotten amazing response from my beta testers and super excited to refine and improve as I get feedback from new students. It is jam-packed with well-researched, actionable ideas on simplifying your life. 

Honestly, I'm a one woman show right now and have no clue how I can single-handedly generate so much content. I will definitely consider bringing a partner on board at some point. I totally need help! 

Other than that I just finished reading The Underachievers Manifesto and How to Be Idle then did a complete 180° and started reading Grit. Total contradiction!

I need to reconcile my desire to be a woman of leisure with my insatiable need to produce. Oh, finished The Good Life Handbook (Epictetus' Stoic Classic) too and was so inspired by the clarity of his words. Articles about these books coming up.

That's all I have for the time being. What's new with you? Shoot me a note through the contact page or via the reader survey and tell me! 




My work has been featured in a number of publications and media outlets such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Squarespace, GQ, Pop Sugar, Minimalissimo, Leibal, Design Taxi, Minimalism Life, and more.



I advise and collaborate with a limited number of brands. From consulting Disney on their influencer strategy to collaborating with Skagen on promoting their spring 2017 collection, I combine my decades experience working with iconic brands with my minimalist sensibility to craft strategic and creative programs that have real impact. 


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